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Greg's Emerald Ride With a Kinglake Morning Tea Extravaganza!!

Submitted by Greg G on Sun, 18/06/2017 - 6:48pm

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Ulysses Club

Melbourne Branch

Ride Report – Greg Gleason’s Ride to Emerald via Kinglake 18 6 17


11 riders rocked up at Lilydale on a very cool but dry early winter day.  The idea was to ride up the Yarra Valley over the hills to Christmas Hills, Panton Hill plus a few ox tracks to Kinglake for morning tea.  Church Road to Cottles Bridge Road was new to some, Hildebrand Road and School Road were new to a few, and the “up” roster from St Andrew’s to Kinglake (an oldie but a goodie) had everyone smiling!!

With a vintage car club using the same bakery as our vintage ride leader took us to, there were photos aplenty….  Maserati 3500 GT open top, Porsche, Morgan and Bentley after Bentley, (a 1927 twin turbo I think he said)!!  And when they started up to drive away, the sounds were to die for!!  Andrew Kennedy and I decided that we are opening our “target saver” bank accounts this week!!  Ha ha!!

The road conditions were good down to Chum Creek although better at the Toolangi end.  And the scenery never ended – following a Nissan 4WD and saw an oncoming helmet go within 150mm of disaster (and the 4WD was doing the right thing….), plus a white motorcycle helmet on a tree branch above a cutaway near Yellingbo – not a good sign….  A 2 metre deep deep culvert wouldn’t be a 2 metre deep culvert without a car wedged gently sideways, passenger door down (if you see a cheap Holden Vectra on Carsales, don’t buy it!!  I know where it’s been….. 

Despite this, the Yarra Valley somehow never disappoints and the autumn-like hues were spell binding!!  In fact, the scenery is somehow at its best at this time of year.

Sadly Cockatoo appeared all too soon – Avonsleigh did likewise, and after Greg learned that parrot kissing at 85km/h has its downsides, we made it to a very busy Emerald for lunch and dog treats at the monthly market.  PS – Bruno Gleason says “thank you”!! (Yes, he has his own Facebook page….)

All things considered, not too bad, this ride.  Lots of fun and friendly banter.  Gaz was seen with tears in his eye – was the ride THAT good or was it just cold?  At lunch, they were selling designer “Voss” water – Colin gets around, it seems.

I had Martin’s company for part of the ride home – great day out!!  Thanks to Pat Ryan who volunteered as Tail End Charlie, and for everyone who came along.

Jack has a first rate ride organised for next Sunday!!  See you then!!


Greg G