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Having trouble signing in ?

Submitted by Kate on Sat, 07/08/2010 - 1:06pm

There have been some people recently who have had problems creating an account. In both these cases the problem is with an incorrect email address, and in one case a hotmail account where the hotmail mailboxes are either full or unavailable.

It is not just important , but a requirement without exception, that a valid email address is supplied. Without it , it is not possible for you to receive email from this site and therefore you will not be able to complete the account procedure.

Each Person MUST have their own vaild email address, couples included.

If you spell the email address wrong , email from this site concerning how to sign in , will bounce and trigger an automatic deletion of your account request.

If you think this is harsh , consider this - This site has blocked over 5,000 attempts to gain access from malicious or mischievous spammers trying to post dangerious urls designed to gather private details, since it began in its new format.

If you have recently applied for an account you would have received an email telling you your membership is being checked with the national organisation ( or if you were a member of the old site here - checked against that databsae. If you did not receive an email then you are likely one of those who submitted incorrect email addresses and your account will have been deleted. You will need to resubit an application for an account.

If you did receive an email please wait for confirmation to arrive back to us from the National organisation. You will them receive another email with login details. Please read these emails.