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How to upload the ride picture?

Submitted by Samuel Sun on Mon, 23/06/2014 - 5:54pm

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Hi, anyone can let me know how to upload ride pictures to our album.  I have tried hard. but no success.




As most of you are probably aware there has been a problem accessing the photo galleries (albums) for quite some time now and I notice that this blog post has been visited very frequently by people looking for a solution.

  • There is no actual problem with loading photos
  • Simply log in, go to "create content" , start a gallery - name it (perhaps add an introductory line) and save it.
  • Then simply upload photos to that gallery.  
  • It is important that you do not try to load photos that are too large.  Most photos these days seem to vary between 2 and 16 MB and that is way more data than needed to load a photo to a website.
  • So first reduce the size of your photos to no more than about 250KB  This site reduces photo width to about "640" anyway and loading high resolution photos simply overloads the site unnecessarily anyway.
  • There are a number of programs available to reduce the size of photos quite simply such as Irfanview.  Even Outlook can do it for you if you email photos to yourself and reduce the size of the attachments.   That way you can keep your higher resolution photos and have a second album of lower resolution available for loading onto websites.   If you have any queries on this don't hesitate to ask me.    

Finding older photos is difficult at present because the quick link to Albums had to be removed.  Kate is working on a solution combined with an updated website.

In the mean time if you go to "Latest Content"  at the top of the page and browse back through the pages you will find older photos.  I have just bumped most of the last year's photos to the first two pages of latest content. to enable easy access. wink