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John Cook's Ride - Lilydale to Euroa with Morning Tea in Alexandra

Submitted by Greg G on Sun, 04/06/2017 - 7:58pm

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Ride Report – John Cook’s Ride to Euroa via Alexandra 4 6 17


A chance for the photographer to be photographed……..

19 riders faced the starter’s gun at Lilydale on a very foggy but promising early winter ride in the Yarra Valley.  We rode out through Yering to Yarra Glen then off to Healesville for a “Spur Spin”.  With Marty as Tail End Charlie and with Greg G and his son Peter as official photographers, we headed out into the gloom to find the visibility wasn’t too bad, but the 2o temperature kept everyone on their toes (well – to the extent they could feel their toes)!!  Greg & Peter quickly discovered that the extreme cold isn’t good for “hot” air balloons that find themselves hovering 15 metres above the highway….  (I think we both said “DUCK”!!  Well, that’s what it sounded like…….)

Traffic wasn’t too bad and we made good time, arriving in Alexandra in time for a warming morning tea at the bakery.  Coffee and warm snacks were the order of the day (no pun intended), following which we took off back towards Merton.  A left turn there sees two sequences of tight curves, the latter (sadly) 60km/h posted (and we are mature, law abiding citizens, no matter how boring it is!!). 

A brief detour off the granite belt main drag saw both soaring granite scenery, plus soaring temperatures – a few noted the positively tropical 7.5o as we topped the Merton Gap, to face the almost sweltering 12.5o we experienced across to the Hume Freeway.  Slipping under both the freeway and the “radar”, we made our way to Euroa for a bakery lunch that warmed the cockles of our hearts.  Global warming continued on our return journey to hit a stunning sunny and windless 13.5o for most of the way back.

Andrew K suggested to Peter and Greg that the “old” Hume was a perfect chance to gauge the K1300’s top speed on the trip home.  Alas, with little more than vapour in the tank, discretion became the better part of valour and 100 (ish) km/h was all we saw………

Were it not for Greg’s son Peter (now down to 14 km left in the tank) necessitating a 2 person fuel stop in Seymour, the group would have managed an unbroken group ride!!  Greg and Peter refuelled, undertook other “pitstop” duties and tootled off home behind the main bunch to arrive home pretty much as the ride advert had suggested.

A great ride John – hope the pics from 2 amateurs are up to it!!


Greg G



Thanks for the report and pics Greg yes

Perhaps it is my age, but my memory of the scenery today is a bit foggy blush  It was definitely more icy than the "Ice Run"surprise

Well noted John - in my academic career (brief as it was), I managed 2 degrees......  So did Huey across the Granite Belt....  OK Ok he wins.....

Seriously, the conditions were interesting enough to keep all of us on our frozen (?) "toes" and the scenery was to reminisce about for years to come!!  Plus - I've never had a hot air balloon so low I needed to "duck"!!



Greg Gleason