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Joint ride with Geelong 23/7/2017

Submitted by Pat Ryan on Tue, 25/07/2017 - 9:28am

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Ride Report Sunday 23rd July 2017 - Report penned by Steve Bailes

Today’s tour of the Country Toilets of Victoria was in two parts. The first was led by Brian Quintal who was waiting at the RV – Ardeer- to marshal our group of seven. Brian was keen to get us underway but soon after our departure we encountered a Diversion which due to a sparsity of signs took us on a delightful meandering tour of the side roads of Sunbury.  This proved to be a marginal distraction and with Brian’s keen sense of direction he ensured we were not overdue for our arrival at Riddles Creek (yet another “Country loo”) to meet up with those eminent “Gentlemen” from Geelong. Sadly, on arrival we found few “Gentlemen” apart from ourselves! However, the warm welcome extended by the Geelong Riders who proved to be a good bunch none the less, they were already availing themselves of the delights of the Café, they made us very welcome and tongues were soon wagging.

The second part of the ride was by Julian Pearce (Geelong) who ensured we had both scenic and entertaining ride, it always amazes me the number of “new” roads that ride leaders are able to find, such prior planning ensured we all had and enjoyable day out.

Eventually arriving at Kyneton to sample both the amenities and the award- winning pies and pastries of the Country Cob bakery. Our intrepid team of tasters were soon appraising the various wares and were impressed with the fayre and gave it their seal of approval.

The return ride was also in two parts stopping at Greendale we split up for our journeys home

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and made all the more enjoyable by well-disciplined and courteous riders.

Steve Bailes