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"Last Chance" ride for tomorrow 31-12-2017

Submitted by Not the Messiah on Sat, 30/12/2017 - 1:10pm

Anyone else thinking of riding tomorrow?

I'm thinking to re-run my Dandenong - Drouin/Warragul ride which zig-zags down through places like Bayles, Modella Athlone Topiram Ellenbrook to get back to either Drouin or Warragul for lunch. Starting from the usual Dandenong start point at 10 o'çlock (nominal!).

Can be as short or as long as you wish, certainly you'll be able to get back to the city in plenty of time for New Years Eve shenigans!

Alternative suggestions welcome!

If you're inclined to come along (and even if not certain), please text or phone to let me know - if I think I'm on my own then I may well make it up as I go along and not get anywhere near Dandenong.



Brian Lacey

0439 010 873

He may not be the messiah but neither is he a naughty boy either! For those not into Life of Brian click the link below

Well done Brian I hope you had a good ride and if you got plenty of takers then maybe we should schedule one next NYE.

Pat Ryan

Yes to the idea of scheduling a ride next NYE!!

Yes also to Brian not being a naughty boy - thanks for a great ride, including some roads I hadn't been on before (and one I couldn't find when I went for a spin the next day....)





Greg Gleason