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Lets fill up the ride calendar! (Updated)

Submitted by Pat Ryan on Fri, 28/07/2017 - 10:32am

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We need some members to volunteer to lead a ride (or two) over the next few months. 

Vacant Sundays at present are as follows:

October 15 (This is the Odyssey Weekend but a run for those not going is needed) 

November 5th & December 10

So if you are keen to help out your fellow riders then please let me know and I will add the dates onto our calendar. If you have not led a ride before then why not give it a go. It is not as hard as it seems and help is available from me and many other members.

I am overseas for all of October and the first week of November so would like to get the calendar full before I go so you all get to have a ride here while I ride around Sicily!.

Pat Ryan 0412 223 146