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Lilydale to Marysville

Submitted by Pat Ryan on Sat, 03/06/2017 - 4:38pm

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Sunday, July 30, 2017 - 10:00am to 3:30pm

Ride Leader: Pat Ryan 0412 223 146

A run from Lilydale out through Yarra Glen, Kinglake and the Break'O'Day Road with morning tea at Yea followed by a short ride to Molesworth then up one of our favourite roads, the Whanregarwen Road, to near Alexandra and back to Marysville for lunch via Taggerty and Buxton. 180klms in all of some very scenic roads with a variety of terrain. Home then is over the Black Spur to Healesville and back to the city.


Ulysses Club Melbourne Branch

Ride Report

Pat Ryan’s Ride to Marysville via Yea 30th July 2017


“Twas a dark and stormy night…..”  Well – not quite, but the combination of a group ride to FNQ and rain in the forecast saw a small but very select group of 7 bikes hit the road for Pat’s favourite ride.  Rick Rycken suggested it was a case of “solar powered motorcycling” – if the sun’s not out, …..

Pat led off, with Rick and Greg G sharing photography and Tail End Charlie duties.  It would unfold that Greg hasn’t yet mastered the Go Pro he smuggled in from Copenhagen only a week ago……

We headed off over the Yarra Glen range to Christmas Hills, Panton Hill and St Andrew’s before risking life and limb up the road to Kinglake.  Did TEC Greg hang back and “give it a bit”?  On arrival in Kinglake, there was a mean looking motorcycle lurking in the wings!!  Greg, fearing the worst, pulled over and offered his wrists for cuffing, only to find it was Vince Green and his partner Kath…..  Phew!!

The next section of the ride was to die for – sweepers, switchbacks and reverse cambers aplenty, with a view of the mountains!!  Incredible!!  None of us wanted to hit Yea (but my pepper steak pie was at least some kind of consolation).  There were Harleys everywhere – most riding noisily around the block in Yea.  Obviously, they get different thrills out of motorcycling………..  It was a bit disturbing to see Vince Green helping Kath don waterproof pants.  When Steve Bailes said “can’t see the problem, Vince.  You don’t have problems getting them off”, Vince was genuinely embarrassed!!  Turns out, he is the nice man he seems!!

The run from Molesworth (cheese cutters line the new and “improved” speed limited highway) was great although you’ll find Rick did a better job of photoshopping Greg into action pics than the other way round (ok ok ok I’m learning the Go Pro – I just need to learn “point and shoot”!!)

At Yea, Greg “took one for the team” – fitting his very slippery and uncomfortable waterproof pants to “karma” the rain away!!  It worked till Marysville….   If Les Cox’s rear tyre isn’t dirty, what the Sam Hill made my visor unviable?

The bakery, as always, lived up to expectations, and the Spur ride home was fortuitously devoid of Sunday drivers for most of its length!!  Various people peeled off  - Vince at Healesville, Pat at Lilydale and Mike and Ken in the Ringwood area.  It was a lonely but happy little Greggo that meandered down Eastlink in time to do the week’s shopping!!

Great outing!!  Thanks Pat (on Gayle’s birthday – a meritorious effort or salesmanship skills all of us could do to learn) and thanks too to Rick Rycken – photographer and TEC extraordinaire!!  I was happy to help.

Let’s hit the road soon!!  Lots of great rides on the calendar.


Greg G




Greg Gleason