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Lilydale to Seymour

Submitted by John_Cook on Sat, 11/06/2016 - 5:54pm

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Sunday, August 21, 2016 - 10:00am to 1:30pm

Ride Leader John Cook 0419 599 530 or (03) 9728 5769

A fairly tight and technical run across the north east of Melbourne.

I plan to stop at Wallan for morning tea and then on to Seymour for lunch where I intend to try the Seymour Club.


Gday all, im going to meet up with you in wallan , see you there, cheers Dave

Hey all, had a great ride today, really enjoyed it, even with the wet weather, cracker meal in Seymour with great company, superb service, meat lovers Parma ? Mmmmm, the roast meals looked just as good, there were high performance race cars everywhere in Yea, some club of sorts or a Targa maybe, thankyou for a excellent day, cheers Dave

Hi Guys

While you were having fun today, I was running yacht races.  Week 3 of Mordialloc Sailing Club's Winter Series - 2 races completed in ideal conditions!!  The last 2 weeks were cancelled due to lack of breeze!!

Did the BMW 100th Anniversary at Phillip Island Track yesterday - on the grid were 125 BMW cars, 76 "ordinary" BMW bikes plus 2 K1300's (Evan & me) - rained a bit but worth doing!!  Only one casualty - a misjudged corner near the back straight!!  All good - just cosmetic (bike and rider both)!!  Cold ride home though.........



Greg Gleason