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Mike Fittall's Mirboo North Ride 9 07 17

Submitted by Greg G on Sun, 09/07/2017 - 6:12pm

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Ulysses Club Melbourne Branch

Ride Report – Mike Fittall’s Mirboo North Ride Via Wonthaggi


The weather forecast was anything but promising, but the ride planned was worth any bad weather.  It turned out to be great all day for the 12 riders who participated.  We left Dandenong with Greg G as photographer and Pat Ryan as Tail End Charlie, still shedding a tear or two from the night before (the Tigers might have had one worth forgetting, but it was already obvious that we were off on a very memorable ride).


We headed down the Westernport Freeway, skirted Cranbourne (in a novel and interesting way), took in the 5 ways with Blind Bight and Cannon’s Creek a mere “toe dip” away, made Lang Lang and cut back to Nyora.  We cut down through the Strezlecki’s to Wonthaggi for morning tea, and then headed off via Kongwak to Korumburra, Leongatha and finally to Mirboo North, After some truly great twisties and buffeting winds of surprising strength, we arrived in town where the local café “Inline 4” is a temple to the great gods of motorcycles and motorcycling.  Warm, friendly and with an excellent, quirky menu, it was an ideal lunch stop.


The rain, which had virtually given up and let us have our day, was then too soft to do it’s thing – despite threatening clouds and the odd “spit”, we dry roaded it all the way home.  However, the homeward bound were greeted with an unexpected treat – Mike and Greg apparently going back for more!!  A few of the group noticed Mike and Greg heading back towards Mirboo North!!  Having stopped at Warragul for fuel, someone (no Mike, after such a great ride I refuse to dob you in) seemed to think Melbourne was via Traralgon……….


Poor Mike – if you must, NEVER do it when the guy behind you (a) has no scruples and (b) is the ride report writer!!! 


Seriously, all those in favour of Mike leading more rides say “Aye”!!  As always, an excellent ride – fun, interesting, challenging and entertaining!!  Many thanks Mike from all of us, and thanks too to Tail End Charlie Pat Ryan.  Sadly, Pat couldn’t stay for lunch – apparently he had a counsellor’s appointment – September sadness syndrome?  We Colliwobble supporters suffer from it every year!!


Greg G



Ha, you guys had me wondering when you turned right in Thorpdale! I did wonder if you'd had some premonition of the motorised constabulary who pulled out of the next side street and followed Ron and I all the way to Trafalgar! Very careful compliance with the speed limit for that section...

A great ride, thanks Mike (and Pat and Greg).


Brian L