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Motorcycle Road Improvement Initiative

Submitted by Greg G on Mon, 03/04/2017 - 5:15pm

See link below - all the listed roads where money will be spent to make the roads safer for motorcyclists!!!   Gol durn it - these are some of my favourite roads and the others I'm considering for future rides!!!

I think there is a bit of wishful thinking here Greg, tell me honestly, do you think that the Gov is going to turn these roads into your private race track. No, you only have to look at other well known motorcycle roads around Vic to see that, yes, the road safety aspect may be improved but you can bet that the speed limits will be reduced as well, eg, Spurs, GOR, Omeo road, Falls Creek, Mt Hotham, etc etc, you can expect 80 kph and 60 kph limits.

The current Vic Gov has a well publicised agenda (see TAC website "Towards Zero") to lower speed limits across Vic, 100 kph reduced to 80 kph / 60 kph, city limits from 60 kph to 50 kph and suburban streets from 50 kph to 30 kph, so their program should really be "Towards Zero KPH". In a few years time the only roads that you will be able to drive/ride at 100 kph will be on freeways.

The rationale for reducing from 100 kph is because in a car your body internal organs can't survive a dead stop at 100 kph no matter how many air bags and crumple zones the car has so the limit is being dropped to improve survival rates. The reduction on suburban streets to 30 kph is for better pedestrian survival rates.

South Gippsland is a good example with many roads speed limits decreased to 80 kph and in some places 60 kph.


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Geez Ray - I suspect you are pretty close to the money, except the "race track" bit.  As an occasional ride leader, I probably bore the pants oiff other riders with my "be safe" attitude!  I try to introduce roads to people at a sane speed so they can come back and scratch when I'm not the "jonny on the spot"!!

You are 100% correct - there is a mentality in road policing that goes "if we make it slow enough, nobody will fall off".  The authorities don't try to get cars to beware of bikes!!  No votes in that - most voters derive cars.....  We need car drivers to be as aware of us as we are of them!!  Till that happens, a 25km/h limit STILL won't be enough.....

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Greg Gleason