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Pat Ryan's Kalkallo to Yarck Ride, via the Sahara Desert 7 1 18

Submitted by Greg G on Sun, 07/01/2018 - 9:44pm

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Ulysses Club Melbourne Branch

7 01 2018

Pat Ryan’s Ride – Kalkallo to Yarck via the Sahara Desert!!


19 riders gathered in the southern Sydney suburb of Kalkallo to start the year off on a positive note.  Ride Leader was Pat Ryan, Tail End Charlie was a problem, mostly due to a “refusal to start”: but with that over, we headed off.   Greg G was official photographer and the very debonair Steve Bailes (still wearing the Tuxedo from his daughter’s recent wedding) led the Kenworth Division!!  2 ‘Wings on the ride – and they weren’t hanging round, either!!

Pat didn’t let us down – Donnybrook Road to the old Hume Highway!!  Pretty Sally Hill beckoned, but it was pretty dusty getting there!!  There is no truth in the rumour that Pat’s retirement plan is an automated bike wash but we weren’t so sure after about 7 km of serious gravel!!

Kilmore and Broadford are pretty places on a sunny summer day when you ride these roads in particular!!  Off through Strath Creek and beyond – the curves of the granite hills caught out photographer Greg – all he got of ride leader Pat was a fast travelling rear wheel…… (pic of the day!!)

Greg soon caught up and we cruised through to Yea in sunshine and were in awe of a town of 700 people that clearly has 7,000 speedboats…..  Many of us, including Greg G, opted for an austere morning tea, the award winning dim sims at the Giddy Goat calling mystically through the superb north eastern morning.

The Ghin Ghin Road is a worthy destination in its own right – washed gravel, reverse cambers, a bit of bark, some fallen trees, scenery that’d make you bite the bullet, and even a Tiger Snake on the roadside that’d bite you, rather than the bullet!!  A really engaging road that, clearly, everyone enjoyed.

The road drops down from a significant lookout to Yarck, and the 25km/h corners that get you there make the whole trip worthwhile!!  And yes – the dim sims were AWESOME, the Cornish Pasty was almost as good as one I had in Cornwall just a few short weeks ago!!  And the chat around the tables made the trip worthwhile (as if it wasn’t already) – what a great day out!!

We splintered off – some cruised to the Break O’ Day Road, some hit the Spur, some carried on to the northern suburbs.  But I doubt there was a single sad face – Melbourne on 2 wheels in summer…..  WOW!!!

Thanks again Pat!!



Greg G



We were surprised to find John Taylor And Norm Scholz waiting for us at Yarck. As southern suburbs residents they reckoned it was too far to go to the ride start at Kalkallo, so they went straight to Yarck. It is the ride - not the destination - guys. So you missed the wonderful stretch of gravel  and the Murchison Gap but at least you got to the giddy Goat. Nice to see you anyway.

Pat Ryan