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Ray Herds Surgery See Update 18 February Good news

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Ray Herds Surgery See Update 18 February Good news

Ray Herd today went into hospital for surgery to remove a Squamous cell carcinoma from within his jaw. The operation went really well and all surgery was performed through his mouth. This was a real bonus as it alleviated the need for any external incisions. The great news is that he is able to talk. As Ray had to have a section of his palate removed there was a possibility he would have difficulty talking.  This is not the case and we will soon be hearing the dulcid tones of his voice,,,,,,great.


Ray is in Masada Private Hospital 26, Balaclava Road, East St Kilda  Tel  03 9038 1300. He is not ready for visitors as yet, but we are hoping he will be by Monday.

He is expected home in the not too distant future, so if intending to visit at any time it is suggested you telephone first to maybe save yourself a journey. Visiting hours are from 2pm to 8pm

I will ring Kris Sunday night and get the latest info and post updates here.

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Ray Herds surgery

Great news.....Ray is home from hospital tomorrow. All went really well.

I am sure Ray would appreciate either a visit or a phone call. His number is 03 9873 3010. If intending to visit please ring first

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Ray Herd's surgery

Hope all is going well and you are soon up and about on the bike and elsewhere, My full sympathys as I have had plenty of experience in that field, although the lip is the closest to the mouth I have had, but plenty elsewhere.

Bob T

Member since 1987, makes 24 years.

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John Stuart
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Best wishes to Raymond Herd


Hello Raymond,

Hope you are recovering well take care hope to catch up Im off to tassie next week will try to catch up after thay will be back after 14 feb




Johnny Stuart

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Update from Raymond 18 February - Good News

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update on the good news that arrived from my surgeons Friday evening.

It seems the surgeons were surprised by the negative pathology result from my operation which showed an insufficient margin of safety (MOS) at one point on the cancer they removed. This meant that they would have to perform another operation next week to widen that margin of safety.

In the interim, they have asked pathology to recheck their results and pathology have confirmed that the MOS is not less than 4mm which is more than satisfactory. (5mm is ideal but 4mm is ok too).

This means that the operation scheduled for next Wednesday is no longer required. :-):-):-)

To say I am pleased is an understatement as next weeks operation would have been larger and more complex than the first and I wasn't looking forward to it. All that remains now is to schedule some Radiotherapy sessions and I will find out about that in the coming days.

I also plan on emailing the surgeons on Monday to find out why the initial pathology results were what they were but have been told by a relative who is a path lab technician that these things can happen and doing additional checks is not uncommon.

As for myself, it is exactly one month since the operation and I am slowly returning to normal. I still have a hole the size of a 5 cent piece in the back of my throat that will take up to a year to self heal but other than that, I am simply delighted with the results. The surgeons have done a remarkable job and I will be able to continue to enjoy life and the lifestyle I enjoy.

I have yet to tackle a steak but are able to eat most foods without discomfort and my strength is slowly returning. Last week I managed a couple of small rides around the Dandenongs for an hour or so. This week I took the trailer to Wangaratta for a minor upgrade returning to Melbourne the next day without mishap. Tired no less but pleased with the effort.

Early next month I plan on attending the Tallangatta Rally and then leading a ride to the annual Ulysses AGM at Mildura, radiology permitting of course.

Before I conclude, I do want to thank everyone for their kind words, visits, phone calls, best wishes, emails and jokes during my operation and recovery. Thanks also to Keith Gibson for updating the noticeboard and keeping people informed. I really do appreciate the warmth and kindness extended to me and look forward to catching up in the near future and thanking you in person. Your kindness has been most appreciated and greatly aided in my recovery.

Well that's all for me for now. I hope everyone is well and we talk again soon.



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