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Ride report Ardeer to Lorne 10 Dec 2017

Submitted by Pat Ryan on Mon, 11/12/2017 - 10:12am

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Ride Report: Ardeer to Lorne 10/12/2017

Ride Leader: Pat Ryan

Tail End Charlie: Bill Dusting

Reporter: Pat Ryan


Having successfully swapped ride dates with John Cook who got the wet day the other week, I set out for Ardeer in fine weather with no prospect of rain. This was a most unusual occurrence for my Lorne ride, as it usually rains or blows a gale or both.

The good weather brought out a fine selection of riders with the Gary, Gaz, Les, Colin, Nick, Greg, Jack, Martin, Andrew, Vince, Bill, Pat and Michael from Ballarat Ulysses who joined us at morning tea. Apologies to any other riders who have slipped my mind momentarily.

I scouted the infamous “Jump up” during the week to see if we might vary the route a bit but found the surface so badly broken up that we were better off going the usual way. Off from Ardeer and up Ballarat Road then into Leakes Rd, Greig’s Rd and down the Geelong Ballan road then Granite Rd where we headed up towards Anakie. From here the road gets a bit more interesting as it winds through the Brisbane Ranges up through Steiglitz to Meredith. Quite a bit of new surface here was a bonus and we made good time.

Meredith was pretty busy as the Meredith Music Festival was on and they expected some 5,000 people to arrive. After coffee and a chat we headed out towards the festival but thankfully our turn off was well before the busy area. We did however come across Victoria Police happily breath and drug testing people coming from the festival but they left us alone as we went past.

The next section is quite scenic through fields where hay has been recently cut and lots of cattle and sheep graze. Even a herd of my favourite Belted Galloways. Through Shelford, Inverleigh and Winchelsea and onto the Deans Marsh Road which takes us on a winding route through the Otway ranges to Lorne. Traffic was not too bad and we had no real hold ups on this section.  The road from Inverleigh is quite winding and high speed but the speed limit has recently been reduced to 80kph on part of it for no apparent reason. Young Vince got a rush of blood here and zoomed past me (I was only doing 100kph) and took off. He said later that he did not see me???

Bill had suggested an extension of the ride so Bill, Colin, Greg and I had lunch and rode off up the Great Ocean Road and on to Queenscliff where we caught the ferry across to Sorrento and came home from the other direction. Great idea as we got a short cruise and dodged the Geelong Road which is never any fun, especially on a Sunday. Michael headed back to Ballarat, Jack tried the Deans Marsh Road in the reverse direction and the rest of us went up the Great Ocean Road and home via Geelong Road.

All in all a pretty good day for a ride which has something for everyone.