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Ride to Yarck 20 August 2017

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 20/08/2017 - 6:18pm

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A small but very willing group ignored the recent wet weather and overnight cold and assembled at Kalkallo for Vince’s ride to Yarck and we were glad we did.   The weather was clear and calm which made it perfect for riding.   Ian and Richard from Macedon Ranges joined us to make a total group of eight.  Rumour has it a couple of “kiwis” added to the diversity of attendees and Richard volunteered to do tail end duties.  Bike brand representation was much smaller than usual but still very interesting; BMW was represented by two K1600 GTs and a current 1200GS, Yamaha was represented by two FJRs and an XJR, while Honda was represented by Mike’s VFR1200 and my old ST1300.    

 After a chat and introductions, we rode east along Donnybrook Road and then north through Wandong and had a lovely ride through to Broadford, crossed the old highway and continued via some lovely roads past Sugarloaf Creek and Puckapunyal to Seymour where we stopped for morning tea and a warm snack.

After a leisurely break we headed through Seymour and into the hills via an at times bumpy Highlands Road to Caveat and then on past Ruffy.   The ride through the hills provided some great views and roads and was made even more challenging by the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees which made it difficult to see the road surface well.  Fortunately there was very little litter or unexpected gravel on the road.  Then it was down the lovely descent into Yarck where we stopped for lunch after a ride of just on 160 km.  

Vince had led us on a very well thought out route which consisted of two one hour “stints” of about 80km and we had arrived for lunch by 12.30.   The group was certainly not large, but we were all of a similar level and pace so we all stayed relatively close to each other without being on top of each other.  

Put simply it was a great ride on a winter’s day and that opinion was shared by all who came along.   Feedback I received later in the day included a “really good day out”,a great day”, “Thanks to Melbourne Ulysses and Vince (ride leader) for a great ride, on a few new roads and good company”.  

Thank you to Vince and all who came along and made it a great day of riding and camaraderie. 

John Cook    

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