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Roger Foot's Ride 16 July 2017

Submitted by Pat Ryan on Wed, 19/07/2017 - 9:07am

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Kalkallo to Gisborne, 16 July 2017.


Light fog and high winds, probably largely mutually exclusive, marked the first and second legs respectively of this mid-winter ride. The forecast was for a cold day without rain, and so it proved.

8 souls fronted for the occasion with Steve Bailes volunteering for tail end Charlie. It turned out he didn’t have a hi-viz vest, but all agreed the high intensity driving lights on the Goldwing would serve the purpose. As I was running late in arriving I forgot all about briefing riders about the corner marking system, but as it happened we remained pretty well bunched throughout and corner marking was largely redundant.

We travelled east along Donnybrook Rd for a change, then north up Merriang Rd and east toward Eden Park, following the curves of Glenburnie Rd to Whittlesea. Then up to Kinglake West and Flowerdale as the mercury dropped. It struck me that the route seems more interesting travelling in this direction, but perhaps it’s just that coming the other way usually happens at the end of a long day, or a weekend such as the Ice Run or The Snowy Ride!

At Flowerdale we turned west to Strath Creek where the temperature hit a low of 3 degrees, and the mist increased as we climbed Murchison Gap. Normal visibility resumed as we approached Broadford and then turned south down the old Hume Highway to morning tea at Kilmore. I was grateful to local rider Glenn who was able to lead us to the best café and out of town again, and to Steve’s wife who sent a newly baked orange cake to share.

We continued south to Wallan then took the Darraweit road right through to Romsey, buffeted by strong winds. Crossing the Lancefield road and continuing on towards Woodend we crossed the range via the Kerrie road, and hence to Gisborne via Riddells Creek.

Unfortunately I had to dash off for a family commitment but there were calls for hot soup as the rest of the group headed off to lunch. Thanks to everyone who came out to make it a worthwhile occasion.

Roger Foot.