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Sad News

Submitted by Greg G on Mon, 14/08/2017 - 8:40pm

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To all at Sunday's ride who heard my comments about a missing brother motorcyclist from another club of which I am a member, I can now report the sad news that Peter Clark, missing from a Wednesday midweek ride, was found deceased in central Victoria late Sunday afternoon.  By all accounts, it was a mercifully swift end, but as they say, there, but for the grace of God, go any one of us.  I only met him once (I think, although it may have been twice) but he impressed me as a really nice bloke!!  I feel for his family, friends and those responsible for the ride.  I have ridden with that club, and their safety standards are excellent.  If we play in the shorebreak, we accept the risk of being dumped at some stage.  We do what we do (as he did) with eyes wide open......

Condolences to his family, friends and motorcycling brothers and sisters.  May he rest in peace.......