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Tasmanians' Visit to Phillip Island Superbikes 2012

Submitted by John_Cook on Wed, 18/04/2012 - 11:32pm

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Danny Moss of Tasmania has shared his experience with us

Back ground   Hi I am Danny, Ulysses member # 35583 and I live in Hobart.

I have been a flag marshal for many, many years both for cars and motor bike racing.   My favourite being motorcycle racing and for the last 10 to 15 years I have worked mainly at bike racing. I have also been training new flag marshals for our local motorcycle racing club SRCT based at the Historic Baskerville Raceway.   I’ve trained up 16 flag marshals and we have been doing our own club races and were asked to flag at Symmons Plains where I was given some information about the world super bikes.   They were after new flag marshals to get some experience so I followed up and passed this information on to my new flag marshals.   Four sent off their applications to flag marshal at the world super bikes.   I also applied and within a few weeks all 5 of us had a letter to say we had been accepted and we were all off to Phillip Island to the world super bikes.  Two lovely ladies and 5 guys. Ulysses Member and new flag marshal Peter Weavers #53071 was going with his son Mick, so unfortunately he could not flag marshal (but what a great Dad!).

So the group consisted of:   The lovely Nat, lovely Harriet, Robert (CBR 1000), Peter (VFR 800), Wayne (Harley) and me (Triumph Sprint 1050 ST).

We started planning and 3 of us decided to ride to Phillip Island.    I wanted to make sure I got to see as much as I could, as sadly this would only be my second trip out of Tasmania, the first when I was only 12 or 13 years.   The plan was to ride to Devonport catch the boat on the Wednesday 22/02/2012, while Harriet, Nat and Wayne flew up on the 23/02/2012 (well Wayne does ride a Harley!) and meet us somewhere near Phillip Island.

Our Plan

Ride to Devonport catch boat.   See the Aquarium.   Go for a ride on Puffing Billy (I am a train nut) and then continue on to Phillip Island.   Then I thought as I like to ride with other people and show them our great state, there might be like minded Ulysses member in Melbourne who’d like to do the same, so I wrote to the lovely Holly, who made our plans known to Melbourne members.  I received and email from John and a phone call from Bill, both of whom were more than helpful and gave me some tips and suggestions.   So it was Set, Bill was going to meet us at the boat and take us to Puffing Billy and John was going to meet us at Emerald (or somewhere there).  John was going to ride with us some of the way to Phillip Island and make sure we were headed in the right direction before he left us.

The Trip

We arrived on the “Spirit” Thursday morning at 6am and we met Bill a short time after that and he led us off to the Melbourne Bake House for breakfast and a great chat. Thank you Bill!   Great place.   Bill then led us for a ride round Melbourne until the Aquarium opened at 9:30am and we did get to see a bit of Melbourne.   Bill then delivered us to the Aquarium and waited for us to come out.   After we had finished at the Aquarium, Bill took us to the markets.  You guys are so lucky to be able to park on the footpath.    After a look around the markets it was off to Puffing Billy.


Bill led us on a nice ride up and we arrived at Belgrave with a little time to spare which gave me a bit of time to go and say hello to a lovely lady from Puffing Billy who had helped us out and made arrangemnts with the station master for us to park our bikes in the staff car park and leave our gear in the station master office.   Thank you So much Sue! Sue works in the second foor of the Railway station, so I had to go looking, Sue was a great help.  As were all the people at Puffing Billy.   This is where Bill left us.  Thank you ever so much Bill for thegreat company and ride, if you’re ever down Tassie please look us up.

So off we set on Puffing Billy to Emerald and Lake Side where Bill had told us about the largest HO scale model train lay out in the southern hemisphere.   We had an hour stop and Lake Side so I knew what I was going to do in that hour.   On the way to Lake Side we went over a trestle bridge that went over the road and I saw a bike rider there taking pictures and I thought then. “I wonder if that is John?”


 Well not long after that I received a phone call from John saying that he was following the train down to Lake Side.  He later sent me these two photos.   


That is me in the white T-Shirt waving and Peter to the right.

John met us at Emerald and then followed us to Lake Side where we all went and had a look at the HO Scale model lay out before the return trip.   We spent about an hour there and then boarded Puffing Billy for the return trip to Belgrave.  We arrived back in Belgrave to find John waiting for us as arranged and collected our things from the station master’s office before heading for Koo wee Rup.

John initially led us back the same way Puffing Billy travelled and what a ride we had!   It was a great piece of road and we all had a great ride with John to Koo Wee Rup.   When we stopped for a drink at Koo wee Rup I had a txt message to ring one of the lady flag marshals.   I rang Harriet and found out that she, Nat and Wayne were just outside of Koo Wee Rup, so we decided to meet there and all have coffee and then all travel to Phillip Island together.   We had a great chat to John and then bid him farewell.   Thank you so much John for the great ride, the directions, the great company and the photos.   We then left John and headed onto Phillip Island, arriving late afternoon.  Now it was time to set up camp.

The weather was perfect and Friday’s practice was excellent with lots of action to look forward to on Saturday and Sunday.   Well Saturday started off very nice and a great morning of action before a very sad afternoon (a tragic loss of life on the track).   We all went out to Cowes with some locals to the Cowes RSL for a nice meal and a drink to unwind. 

Sunday’s main race Day went off without too many dramas and a great day of racing with a great ride from MAX BIAGGI in the second race after running of the track ending up last, he made up ground and made it to second place.

We headed off to Cowes for a nice meal instead of fried food from the Track.    Well I think we go about 10 minute down the road and run head on into a thunderstorm, it rained so hard I could hardly see and my boots had turned into a water feature after they had filled to brim the water then cascaded onto the road we never made it to Cowes both of us we completely soaked.   So it was back to the track to try and dry off and into bed ready for our trip home the next day.

Monday morning arrived and it was still raining so we saw Harriet, Nat and Wayne off early as they had an early flight to catch home so we said our good byes and wished them a safe trip and we would catch up with them when we got home.   Then Peter, Mick, Robert and I started to pack for the ride back to the ferry and it was still raining.   So we packed and headed of in the rain with a stop for breakfast and coffee and break from the rain.

We got to Melbourne where Peter and myself got separated from Robert so we decided to get to the boat and then ring Robert and talk him back into the ferry terminal, but no luck on the phone it just kept ringing out then in the distance we could see what looked like Robert. 

Yes it was Robert! He had managed to find his way to the boat. Well as the boat was going to be late we decided to go for a walk around Melbourne then back to have dinner at a restaurant near the tram station before we boarded the ferry for the trip home.

Thank you So much Melbourne Ulysses for all your help

Holly, Bill, John and Sue from Puffing Billy.

If any of you are down this way please look us up.   I would like to pay the favour back.  What a great experience!

Danny Moss

Ulysses Member#35583