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Telemachus award

Submitted by bobbie on Sun, 10/07/2016 - 4:01pm

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I wish to thank all those members who came to Alexandra today to present me with a Telemachus award. Several of those present I had not seen for one reason or another for some time, and I appreciate their presence. It was indeed a thrill to receive this award for something which over the years I had fully enjoyed.

Time marches on and at some stage riding has to finish and move on to other activities, which I am trying to do by expanding my other major activity that of bird watching and photography. I am certainly no expert in this latter but enjoy getting out into the bush and doing the best I can. Bush walking is a great activity, and I try to get out as much as weather and other activities allow.

I must admit the car and caravan are somewhat more comfortable than the tent and when it rains I can put on the coat and put up the umbrella, but I still miss the bike.

Many thanks to you all.

Bob Tate Member 1028

Joined April-May 1987. Looking forward to getting 30 year membership medal next year.

Footnote  Regretably Bob passed away in March 2017 (separate notice) but I am pleased to be able to say that Bob received his 30 year membership badge just before he passed.  (John Cook)   


Bob, I feel I can confidently say on behalf of those who attended that it was a pleasure to catch up with you again and on behalf of them and the many who could not make it:-

Thank you for all you have done for the branch and the club over the (almost) past 30 years.  It really is appreciated.

Here are some photos from today.

Arrival at Alexandra

Exchanging lies upon arrival

Enjoying camaraderie with some faces from the past and Bob's son, Peter was there toosmiley

Bob being presented with his certificate, patch and badge by branch president Greg

And Bob with Ron Lawrence - another Telemachus medalist. who came along  to congratulate Bob and celebrate with himyes