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Ulysses Club Adventure Riders SIG - Facebook group

Submitted by Rickjr on Thu, 15/10/2015 - 7:30pm

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In order to make it easier for the Victorian based adventure bike riders to communicate, a Facebook group has been formed. Stories, pictures, pending rides are listed on the Facebook page so other members can see posts, what rides are on and comment. 

Please note the Facebook page is a closed group - meaning that you ask to join and only the group can see the posts etc. A bit like this site with member only access to certain sections.

So if you ride an adventure bike and wish to join our group, please message myself or Peter Maguire.

From the Facebook page, some information on SIG:

We are Victorian based motorcycle riders who are part of the Ulysses Club of Australia Adventure Riders SIG. Most of our group have so-called “Adventure” or “Dual-sport” motorcycles and we focus on riding on dirt roads and 4WD tracks to scenic and otherwise less accessible parts of the country. We arrange local day-rides, as well as weekend rides and from time to time, longer “expedition” rides. To join our rides, you just need to be a Ulysses Club member, or a guest of a member who is participating in the same ride.  

This Facebook page has been set up to allow easy communication within the group.  
For more information about the Adventure Riders SIG go to