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Ulysses Club Road Safety Committee December 2016 Newsletter

Submitted by John_Cook on Tue, 20/12/2016 - 8:46am

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The Road Safety Committee reminds members that with Christmas time, can come extra challenges on the road. We remind everyone to be extra careful, to ride like the cars can't see us, to take it slow, and to simply be extra vigilant of what other vehicles are doing. We'd especially like all members to ride and arrive safely.

Some points to consider when riding during the holiday period.

1. There is a lot more traffic on the road.
2. Everyone is going somewhere. You have plenty of time.
3. Most drivers and many riders are not used to the distances they may be travelling.
4. We all have children/grandchildren who want to enjoy time with us.
5. Vehicles can be overloaded or more full than we are used to so please make allowances.
6. Make sure youcheck your machinebefore riding:
Visual examination of the machine, tools are present (if you know how to use them), wheels (spokes), tyres (cold, condition, content and caps), adequate fluids (petrol, oil etc), brakes, luggage/panniers secure and properly balanced, lights, steering head, horn, foot rests, screens, visor, helmet/s, chain and suspension. The following is a handy way to remember the above.
   a. Petrol
   b. Oil
   c. Water (if applicable)
   d. Electrics
   e. Rubber
7. You may consider taking abetter bike route than the shortest way, less traffic.
8. If you enjoy alcohol that is fine but please do not combine riding or driving with any in your system.
9. It is a waste of good emotion if you feel anything other than pleasure.

Have a very safe and happy Christmas and all the best for 2017

The Road Safety Committee - Jen Woods, Neville Gray, Dave Wright, Shaun Lennard, Terry McCarthy,  Peter Ivanoff and Jim Beck