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A User's Perspective on the New Website

Submitted by John_Cook on Sat, 24/07/2010 - 12:27pm

Additional sections and content are still steadily being added to our new website. 

The rotating banners on the front – home page are now pictures actually taken on Melbourne Branch rides.

Upcoming events are easily seen on the home page and a click on the “Calendar” tab reveals full details of all the departure points and more detail on rides etc.

I encourage members to register (please be patient and follow prompts) and start exploring the whole site and making use of it to communicate and find out what is happening.

Once logged in it is easy to click the “create content” tab and you can then create a forum post, a blog detailing your travels for example (complete with photos) or simply add a gallery of photos to the “albums” page.  Once an album is created it is simple to add quite a number of photos at once and there is no longer any need to resize before uploading.  I use an ADSL browser and it does take a while to upload photos but the actual process is quite simple.

Kate has also done a post to show members how to add photos to a blog entry for example.

 As I said, register, log in and start making use of the site to find out information and to communicate with other members.   Remember registration is open to all Ulysses members.

Content is still be added steadily and after a reminder on a recent ride - weather links have been added to the quick links and calendar pages.

Our sponsors are now also much more apparent in recognition of their financial support which enables us to provide information to you via this web page and the Spare Tyre.   Please consider these sponsors when considering a new bike, clothing accessories and / or spares.