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A very successful VSK day.

Submitted by Holly_Fields on Tue, 15/11/2011 - 12:19am

Hi all,

The VSK bbq family day was a huge success again this year. 

I received an email from Maria Bradford at VSK today stating her records show 100 VSK family members actually attended on the day.  Both her and I have received many messages of thanks. 

There was quite a few first time families to our annual event, who stated it was a fantastic day out for them and they will be back.  Other regular families also stated it continues to be their annual day out that they look forward to every year.  It also gave the family members a chance to socialise with other families, discuss experiences such as equipment options, swap tips/advice and a develop a potential new support and friendship network.  It really is both a great day out for the kids but also importantly for the parents and siblings.

A big thank you to;

- All the Ulyssian guys and girls who volunteered on the day including the use of their bikes and equipment.

- The individuals who's years of involvement in the event made the organising of this year event (my first year as coordinator) much much easier, than it would have been  without them. 

   These include;  - Anita for providing the face painting and temp tattoos,

                                - Rae for arranging the supply of the food and a $100 discount from Safeway Kew,

                               - Julie for her first aid skills (fortunately not required) and Greg bringing the tables

                               - Hank for organising the cooking,

                                - Peter and Marilyn Siegman for transporting the huge hire BBQ,

                               - John Taylor for arranging the lollies, both John and Marg for managing the catering supply logs,

                               - John and Kris Cook for managing to find a Gazebo,

                               - Perry for answering  all my calls, texts and emails for information and advice.


- The National Three Wheeler Association on their trikes and with their side cars, (I believe some of whom had also donated their time on the Saturday at a similar event at Philip Island)

- Of course the big red man himself SANTA aka Kerry Walton during the rest of the year with is tuk tuk.

- DJ Andrew Schembri from Heaps of Hit who donates his time and bought a generator especially for our event.

- Delphine Glasco a potential Ulyssian in the making (Only 16yrs to go!) for helping out both with catering and applying temporary tattoos, the entire day!

- Patsy the Clown from Noodles the Clown and Friends.

- Parks Victoria.

ADV riders (Australia)

A great day and many thanks to all who helped. 100 families was a terrific achievement and shows the popularity of the day and how it has grown. a pity the day was not one of those lovely sunny ones but at this time of the year this kind of weather is normal. I got home to Buxton and decided to keep going with out the wet weather gear and although a bit of rain in the last couple of Kms as soon as I pulled into the carport the heavens opened and I fortunately missed getting very wet.

Member since 1987, makes 24 years.

My first time out for this day, loved it will be back with my trusty Shadow in tow and my camera at the ready.

As Holly has said CLAP CLAP CLAP to all those above including BIG BIG BIG CLAP for Holly herself as she is still getting around on crutches. We continue to wish her a safe and steady recovery and we look forward to when she is riding with us once again, maybe on a scooter then perhaps on a Honda deauville (Mark 2) !!

Thanks also to Le Prez John Cook who has the patience of Job for loading up 72 photos!!!!!! Must have been many Nescafes in the making.

safe riding.... Shez