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VSK Day 2017 Report by Suzanne Clarke

Submitted by John_Cook on Mon, 11/12/2017 - 8:45pm

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This year’s VSK Day was again successful.

We were blessed with perfect weather with warm and sunny conditions and the open space of the Crystal Brook Rotunda area certainly suits the event.

As usual, Melbourne Branch members arrived early to set up the necessary items such as signage, the generator and barbecue, gazebo for the face painter, music and of course the food. 

The Three Wheeler Group was in full force with their trikes, we had solos and also side-cars.  Thanks to the Three Wheeler Group for organising the head-coverings and helmets for the children.  They had a system going which made it easy for the children to get on and off the bikes. 

Entertainment for the children included our favourite clown, Red

and our brilliant face painter, Candy Cane.  The kids were absorbed in some of Red’s clever tricks asking “How did you do that?”   Candy Cane’s artistry was extensive and she created many different “faces” on the day (even on some of the adults!) 

Thank you to both these talented people. 

And then of course Santa arrived on his shiny bike with a small gift for the kids. 

The jolly man in red was very popular.

All bike groups continued to provide rides for the children,

and some parents, well into the afternoon which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. 

A big thank you goes to our own Libby Bakewell who coordinated this event and of course each and every volunteer who came on the day and contributed, whether it be setting up direction signs, collating the names of bike riders and briefing them on the day, providing and manning the barbecue, ordering, buying and collecting food for the event, chopping up salads and fruit, arranging the generator, gazebo and music, bringing water, the urn and providing bags for rubbish and clearing same away and of course providing motorcycle rides.  There are too many here to mention but they know who they are. 

At the end of the day a thank you came from one of the VSK family members for providing a fun day for their child.  It is nice to know that a day out can make a child happy, give their family a short break and provide a change to their daily routine.  This, surely, is why we do this every year, even if sometimes numbers from VSK are lower than anticipated. 

Suzanne Clarke

As Suzanne said, "There are too many people to mention when it comes to thanking those who made it happen" but I would like to add a mention of Doncaser BMW Motorrad who made a significant financial conribution to enable the Three Wheelers and Melbourne Branch to put this event on for the benefit of those who have not been as fortunate as most of us 

A gallery of photos is here: