VSK Day at Crystal Brook Park 15 November 2015

We had perfect weather and there was a very good turn out of Very Special Kids to enjoy the eventsmiley

Many thanks to all (including our branch sponsors - advertisers) who made it happen. yes

Revisiting older ride pics - VSK 2015


VSK Gallery

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Appreciation from VSK

Thanks to Rick for sending me this link to the VSK News page where they mention the fun had on the day:


VSK 2015 Report

I will start at the finish by saying that we had great weather and a large number of Very Special Kids and their families enjoyed a lovely day at Crystal Brook Park beside Cardinia Reservoir thanks to the efforts of a large number of people.

Very Special Kids is an organisation which supports families throughout their experience of caring for children with life-threatening conditions, from diagnosis through to recovery or bereavement.   Many years ago the Melbourne branch of the Ulysses Club decided to do something to give these kids ands their families some enjoyment in their lives.   This evolved into giving the kids and their families rides on motorbikes, putting on a BBQ lunch in a park, hiring a clown for entertainment, face painting and culminating with the kids getting a visit from Santa.    Due to the physical limitations of many of the kids a need for sidecars and 3 wheelers was quickly identified.   The National 3 Wheelers Association and the ADV sidecar group have now been actively involved for many years and significantly help in making the annual VSK Day the success it is.   As a member put it to me some years ago; “We are doing something to give enjoyment to those who have been nowhere near as lucky as we have been and unfortunately many of them will never grow old enough to become Ulysses members”        

Libby Bakewell again volunteered to do the organising and this is quite a task as it involves liaising with Parks Victoria, VSK, various riding groups, the entertainer and getting that jolly fellow from the North Pole to take a break from his toy making duties plus getting all us volunteers organised to attend to various tasks.    

I arrived before 9.00 AM and found all the VSK direction signs had already been put out so that people could easily find us.  People hopped in and arranged the rotunda (complete with a music system) and BBQ facilities, erected the gazebo for face painting and a marshalling point was set up so that kids could easily access the 3 wheelers.    

The Very Special Kids and their families started arriving and it took little to encourage them down to the marshalling point and they started enjoying their rides in an assortment of three wheelers and sidecars and those that were able enjoyed rides on the back of some two wheelers.   The rides consisted of a run down the through the parks, some forest areas and then a view of Cardinia Reservoir before looping back to the start point.   They hated it so much many were seen queuing up again and again.     

 Anita was busy again doing a great job painting kid’s faces with assistance from Suzanne and temporary tattoos were applied to willing recipients with David’s help.  Red the Clown arrived and spent some time visiting kids individually and interacting with them before putting on an entertaining show for the group.    Whilst that was happening, the usual group of suspects was busy setting out salads and cooking snags and hamburgers plus some required specialties.   Children, families and volunteers were fed (and I heard some very favourable comments on the salads prepared by Julie Rock) and that jolly fellow in red from the North Pole arrived on a trike and added another dimension to the kids’ enjoyment.   

The day rounded off with quite a number of prizes being handed out to the kids including a couple of large outdoor toy sets which had been donated.  It was great to see the happy faces of the kids and their families.

I would like to thank everyone who helped and or donated goods so that the kids could have such a good day out and despite the risk of omitting some very worthy people or organisations I will acknowledge the following;       


Libby Bakewell (organiser)

Maria Bradford (VSK)

Peter and Marilyn Siegman (National 3 Wheelers Group)

Phil Duffy & Derek Smyth (ADV Riders)

John Doward (Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club)

Julie Rock, Maryanne and Hank Tigges, Ron Blomley and others (food and barbecue)

John Taylor (Set Up)

Greg Rees (Signs)

Josette & Rodney Keating (Prizes) 

Bunnings Coburg  (Prizes)

Sherbrooke Hire – BBQ

Anita Wallace (Face painting)

Suzanne and David Clarke (Face painting and tattoos)

And there were 25 names on the list of riders who took the kids on ridesyessmiley.  An all round great effort.

More VSK 2015 Photos by Libby

Libby has supplied some extra photos and they have now been loaded.  They have the prefix DSC.

Many thanks Libbysmiley


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