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Covid 19 Update

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Covid 19 Update

I believe Brian will say more very soon but in the mean time
I believe "normal" branch rides are still not feasible because current guidelines still dictate:
Stay home unless you need to go out  
 Under the changes detailed on Monday 11 May it means that there will be five reasons to leave your home:

  1. shopping for food and supplies that you need
  2. care and caregiving
  3. exercise and outdoor recreation
  4. work and education – if you can’t do it from home
  5. visiting friends and family – if you really need to

Riding is not forbidden but you are urged to exercise common sense and therefore branch rides will still not be advertised as such

Stay safe and well.   Believe it or not Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan have done extraordinarily well in dealing with this highly contagious virus.  So please - Let's stay the Distance and be Patient.