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COVID related Considerations and Plans as of 28 October

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COVID related Considerations and Plans as of 28 October

The terminology has changed from “Stay at Home” to “Stay Safe

In Greater Melbourne, we no longer need a reason to go out and we can form a group of up to 10 people outdoors.  

Therefore we can meet for a coffee - subject to venue limits etc
We can go for a ride but must stay within 25 km of home and not form outdoor groups larger than 10.
It is believed the distance restriction will be gone by 9 November.
If anyone feels I have this wrong, please let me know asap

We are planning small rides and gatherings.
Please keep an eye on the website and Facebook Page.
For example, we are planning a “4 points” ride for Sunday 15 November.  Details still being polished.
I am doing a local (25 km limit) ride from Lilydale to test the waters so to speak and others are encouraged to do likewise at and from appropriate locations.  Utilise the website and Facebook page to let others know of your plans.
Let’s behave responsibly so that we can start enjoying Ulyssean camaraderie in person again.

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Saturday Morning coffees

For the next couple of Saturdays at least, we'll go back to the last public Saturday morning coffee arrangements:
BYO coffee or purchase coffee and cakes from our friends at Melbourne Bakehouse, then gather at the beachside gardens just north of Port Melb Yacht Club.
Remember the 10 person limit, wear your masks as appropriate and follow the "Stay Safe" requirements.

As the town gets back to some sort of normal, we'll monitor the seating & crowds at the bakery and move back there when we think it's appropriate.

Brian L

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