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Current COVID 19 Considerations and Plans

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Current COVID 19 Considerations and Plans

9 November 

We have come a long way in suppressing the spread of this damn virus.  Let’s please continue to behave responsibly, practise proper hygiene and follow guidelines and rules so that we can continue to enjoy our new-found freedoms.
The DHHS rule relevant to group rides:   “Outdoor gatherings in a public place are limited to up to 10 people”.  

That is quite clear and becomes an issue if more than 10 people gather for a ride.   We see the solution as breaking into an appropriate number of groups when assembling for or taking breaks during a ride.   In the same vein as each participant is responsible for their own conduct during a ride each participant is also responsible for their own behaviour with regard to following DHHS rules and we all need and should want to do our very best to prevent the spread of the pandemic which continues to ravage much of the world at present. 

We also see a need for organisers / ride leaders to keep a list of attendees, for the purpose of assisting with the contact tracing efforts of the DHHS. Contact tracing is a very important part of managing the virus risks so we will make a list of riders attending our events and keep this information only for the relevant period.

We are not looking for sneaky “work arounds”, we simply want to enjoy ourselves, so we say, be aware of all the “Stay Safe” advice and DO THE RIGHT THING    
Specific detailed actions are:
When arriving at the ride start, or the morning tea break or the lunch stop, riders should congregate in groups of less than 10.   If there appears to be about 10 ten bikes or riders already gathered in one spot, the arriving rider must park and remain at a reasonable distance.   The actual distance may vary at any particular location but it should be clear to any passerby that the groups are separate.
All riders and passengers are to wear masks when not riding and to follow all aspects of good hygiene and social distancing.

The Ride Leader shall ensure that a list of riders participating is made and forwarded to the Branch President for retention and destruction after 21 days. Any Committee member present at the ride will be willing to assist in the list preparation.


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Joined: 07/07/2010 - 11:08pm
COVID 19 Changes as of 23 November

Quote:  Numbers for Outdoor gatherings in a public place – the park, the beach – will increase to 50.

Please remember to continue to use "Stay Safe" Practices

  • Bring a mask with you for rides
  • Practise good hygiene and regularly and thoroughly wash your hands.
  • Maintain physical distancing , keep at least 1.5 metres away from others.
  • Masks:   In short, you’ll still need to wear one when you’re indoors and on public transport – and where you can’t keep your distance.
  • But if you’re outdoors and you can keep a safe distance, masks will no longer be mandatory.
  • For example, you’ll still need to keep your mask on if you’re at a busy outdoor market – or in line for a snag at your local Bunnings.
  • If you’re headed for a quiet stroll around the neighbourhood, you won’t need to wear a mask – but you will need to carry one, in case the situation changes.
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