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Happy New Year Everyone

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Happy New Year Everyone
  • Wishing you all the every best for 2020
  • Personally I feel that we are very very fortunate but there are people doing it tough at the moment
  • I am now actually hoping it does rain as predicted on Sunday if not sooner.  We need some rain and if that means putting on wet weather gear, then so be it
  • I will keep a close eye on conditions with regard to next Sunday's ride and route 
  • I have a brother in law who lives near Swifts Creek and he has now been "cut off" for a fortnight.  We probably all know someone somewhere.
  • I watched the news (on ABC) for a while this morning and I must observe that I am quite proud of the manner in which most of us in Australia deal with adversity
  • I then hopped on the Australian Red Cross website and made a donation

Happy New Year Everyone  from John & Kris Cook