The ride to Seymour 24 April 2022

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 24/04/2022 - 8:11pm

Despite getting lost twice I will add a story about Andrew's ride today.  
There was a great turn out for Andrew’s ride to Seymour and I will comment on several of the people and bikes I saw as we assembled.
David had his lovely Z900 Kawasaki,
Gary was on his new BMW RS, Mike was on his Yamaha MT 07, Vince on a new Triumph 850.  Andrew's Yamaha and Stewart’s Valkyrie were extraordinary contrasts in red

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The UCNR at Warwick 2022 Experience

Submitted by John_Cook on Wed, 13/04/2022 - 10:17pm

The Warwick Adventure, Challenge – Rally April 2022

The first stated aim of the Ulysses Club is – “To provide ways in which older motorcyclists can get together for companionship and mutual support” and I can't ignore the adage that “Riding is all about the Journey”.  After two years of pestilence caused cancellations and the summer floods nothing could possibly go wrong with the first National Rally in three years at relatively high altitude in Warwick, could it?  

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Volunteering at Iron Man Event 20 March 2022

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 20/03/2022 - 4:42pm

I enjoyed helping out with IronMan 70.3 Melbourne today.  Brian Lacey coordinated the volunteers and also liaised with “Gentle” Of Geelong.  I believe we had 18 Ulysseans from Geelong, Melbourne, Macedon Ranges, Southern Cross Tourers and the Westgate Wanderers all involved. 
It was a bit harsh that all us retirees had to arise at sparrow fart and we were actually assembling down by the bay in the dark!

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