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Local Hero Nomination

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Local Hero Nomination

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Local News - Member nominated for a Westfield Local Hero Award.

The Yarra Ranges Branch has recognised for some time that Roger PETRUCCI although humble and selfless, is the first in line to give assistance to those members in need.  So earlier this year the Committee nominated Roger for a Westfield Local Hero Award

Voting is open and concludes on the 14th September.  The outcome of the community vote will determine the final 3 successful Westfield Local Heroes for Westfield Knox who will each be awarded a grant of $10,000 for their affiliated organisations to continue their community work. Roger has requested; if successful, that as well as donations to local charitable organisations and a Defibrillator for the Branch, significant monies be donated to UCARF.

Voting: The community vote for Westfield Local Heroes runs from 25 August to 14 September. For voting and more information about the program, visit: -