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Ulysses United Fuel Card

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Ulysses United Fuel Card

Ulysses Club United Petroleum Community Card

You can receive a discount on fuel and donate to UCARF at the same time by using a Ulysses Club United Petroleum Community Card
In conjunction with United Petroleum, the Ulysses Club Inc has signed up to be a member of the United Petroleum Community Rewards Card. The benefits of the card to Ulysses Club members are when purchasing fuel from a participating United Petroleum outlet, show your Community card when paying and you receive a 2 cents per litre discount to a maximum of 150 lt from the pump price. 

Additional to your discount, a further 2 cents per litre is directed to UCARF (Ulysses Club Arthritis Research Foundation). United Petroleum is available Australia-wide and this offer applies to all types of fuel sold at United service stations.
To sign up for this deal go to:  
It only takes about 60 seconds to apply, and the rewards card will be mailed to your nominated address. Start saving on fuel costs and raise much needed funds for UCARF.

Something to keep in mind.   I encountered problems trying to use it in some other Sates last year but it does work here in Victoria.  It is actually an Australian oil company I believe. enlightened