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Victorian Memorial Ride 2020 Cancelled

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Victorian Memorial Ride 2020 Cancelled

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all keeping safe in these hard times.
After discussions with NATCOM and taking into account the current Covid restrictions as well as the best possible outcome for November we have decided to cancel this year’s Memorial Ride.
We are very disappointed with this decision but we think the best case scenario would be allowing 50 people to gather at an outdoor venue when our numbers are usually 150-200 riders.  I wish to reiterate NATCOM’s suggestion that each Branch or a couple of neighbouring Branches arrange a small ride and service to honour those who have Ridden On.
If you have any questions please give me a call on 0407058058 and I will try to answer them.
In the meantime do not forget the National Rally to be held  in Western Australia during March next year.   We can only hope the border restrictions will be lifted by then and  we can gather again to celebrate with our friends.
 Stephen Draper #36741