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2018 President's Report 04 April

Submitted by John_Cook on Tue, 24/04/2018 - 2:28pm

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Ulysses Club Melbourne Branch President’s Report April 2018


Your Branch’s 2018 committee is; Brian Lacey (President), Bill Dusting (Secretary), Maryanne Tigges (Treasurer), Pat Ryan (Ride Coordinator), John Cook (Website Editor) and Brian Quintal (Spare Tyre Editor, Ex Officio).

Under our constitution we can co-opt an additional committee member and will consider doing so this year. Any members with particular interest in any of the Branch’s functions (or non-functions, ahem) are welcome to contract us to start discussions about being co-opted.

Branch Activities

In pursuing and promoting the fundamental purposes of the Ulysses Club, the functions of the Branch are:

  • Saturday morning social gathering: An informal turn-up-and-say-G’Day gathering over coffee (or orange juice for us non-conformists).
  • Monthly social dinner: Another informal (just turn up and join us) occasion, for dinner on a Friday evening.
  • Sunday rides: Nearly every Sunday there’ll be a ride leader to follow to interesting places on interesting roads, just turn up and ride!
  • The Melbourne Branch Odyssey: A weekend away on the wonderful Nagambie district including riding, entertainment and dinner with Ulysses members from Melbourne and other branches.

VSK Day: This is our charity event, supporting the Very Special Kids organisation. Christmas Function: A special social gathering for Melbourne Branch members, family and friends.

Somewhere along the line we seem to have lost the BBQ ride which I can see referred to in past President’s reports.

The current committee is also re-considering the VSK Day and working with VSK to seek an alternative format to the day. Participation numbers are very difficult to predict for the present format, meaning that we risk over catering and over spending. So we are investigating an alternative format – possibly combining with another VSK event to minimise these risks. It would be remiss not to use this opportunity to acknowledge and thank member Libby Bakewell for her hard work on the VSK day both currently and in the past.

We are also reviewing the Christmas Function to ensure that it is what the members want and expect: A survey is going out by email soon – make sure you let us know your thoughts on the Christmas Function.

Ride Leading

Don’t be bashful about becoming a ride leader! It’s not really hard. Although there are a few responsibilities associated with the job, it’s all pretty low-key. If you think that you might lead a ride for us but are concerned about any aspect of it, please do not hesitate to contact myself.  There’s lots we can do to introduce you gently to the process. We can talk through it the key issues and pre-ride your route together to review (even if that’s only an excuse to get the bike out..)

Brian Lacey