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Andy Strapz - Get Another Grip

Submitted by John_Cook on Mon, 24/09/2018 - 6:11pm

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More news from Andy.  

A bit late for the Fathers' Day hint - Christmas perhaps?

Industrial chemists in the Old Dart have re-engineered the formula, allowing us to now offer a 5 year warranty.

Grip Puppies just got even better.   Let’s get this clear from the start; I didn’t come up with the name. Blame the Poms!

Essentially, Grip Puppies are a high tech, UV stable foam sleeve that slips over existing hand grips. They provide a barrier that reduces vibration, increases comfort yet still work with heated grips.


Simply coat the inside with a bit of soapy (not too much soap) water, slip them on, let them dry and Bob’s yer Mother’s brother…Done.

Price $31.50 a pair plus postage.   One size fits nearly all.


1/95 Brunel Rd, Seaford, 3198 Contact details ph 03 9786 3445 email;