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2021 Year Opening Ride

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 03/01/2021 - 6:30pm

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Ah, Summer in Melbourne 
A month ago I scheduled a branch ride for the first Sunday of the New Year. What could possibly go wrong?
Despite a weather forecast clearly indicating that it would be very wise to stay home, 4 other Ulysseans (Jack, Mike, Sam and Steve) turned up for the ride to Eildon, so that meant I couldn't go back home to bed.
On the plus side traffic was very light and I won't mention the one car creating a slow mobile road block over the Black Spur.
It was bucketing rain when we arrived in Marysville and then we had a couple of dry patches of road before getting to Eildon.
t poured for a while as we lunched and then the sun came out and we had a dry warm ride home apart from one small squall of rain along Whanregarwen Road. We had to stop near Yea to doff wet weather gear to avoid melting!
The joys of motorcycling in Melbourne. Guys - Thanks for coming along

Photos are Here: