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Brian The Prez Does "Try Before You Buy"!! 4 1 2020

Submitted by Sailbad The Sin... on Sat, 04/01/2020 - 9:37pm

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Our esteemed President, Brian Lacey, led a recce ride for his Lal Lal Falls 1984 Re-enactment Ride next week!!  Greg (XR1000 BMW), John Markham (Triumph Sprint) - Melb Branch, Hank Tigges (Honda Hornet), Russell (Triumph Scrambler) and Laurice on her 1330 Spider (Central Highlands Branch)!!  A great joint ride initiative!!

Out from Ardeer through Eynesbury to Anakie, but with a sting in the tale - no names, no pack drill!!

Brisbane Ranges, a giant loop around then north towards Ballarat then to the Lal Lal Falls Hotel for an excellent pub lunch - great food and great staff!!  The threatening rain held off, our beloved Central Highlands folk headed for home, and we went exploring.......  To Brian's question, Greg replied "Sally said I MUST be home by 7pm"!  The next 90 minutes on roads I didn't know existed (nor did the leader by the look of it) saw Greg tell Brian - "Sally's given me an extra 2 hours of exploration!!"  It didn't take that long, but we weren't exactly "home early"....

After visiting the falls, we explored the roads between Edgerton, Ballang, Mount Mercer and Mount Wallace. then through the back way to Werribee, where we farewelled John M.  Any greater detail would be to deny our upcoming ride leader of some serious "wow factor".

The pub lunch is a winner, but the roads make it look unimportant.  Well done, Brian - I surely won't miss the re-enactment ride!!  See you there!
Sailbad The Sinner
(aka Greg G)