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Facebook Page - Ulysses Club Melbourne Branch

Submitted by Sailbad The Sin... on Fri, 09/08/2019 - 3:06pm

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Following on from Wednesday's Committee Meeting, I have created an official closed group Facebook page called "Ulysses Club Melbourne Branch".  The page is intended to offer Facebook users quick communications about Club related matters. 

Any public forum runs the risk of inappropriate comments, photos, etc.  Since only accepted members can gain access to the page, the risk of being hacked is very low.  In effect, the danger of inappropriate comments and photos is miniscule, and it is easily managed by a diligent and sensible page moderator or two.  However, we need some rules for content.......

The rules of the page are:


  • Financial Ulysses members only
  • No offensive content (nudity, profanity, political incorrectness, graphic content, aggressive behaviour, etc)
  • Ulysses related content only - no political, religious, extreme or insensitive material.
  • Content of “for sale” items to be motorcycle or Ulysses Club related
  • No criticism of the Club, the Branch or any of its members
  • No criticism of other clubs, motorcycle brands, etc
  • No posts inciting unsafe motorcycling practices (e.g. chicken strip shaming, wheelies, etc.)
  • No posts that contain unlawful practices (e.g. speeding, crossing unbroken lines, etc.)
  • Users to use personal messaging unless public post necessary (e.g. midweek ride) to keep the page uncluttered

We will remove offending posts without warning - repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

The intention is for the page to facilitate member communications - informal rides, last minute changes, items of motorcycling interest, etc.  It is a closed group so you need to be loaded on to the group as a new member.  If you wish to join the group, just contact Pat Ryan or myself.  You will need to prove that you are a current financial member of the Ulysses Club.

Greg - or 0424956078 or
Pat - or 0412223146

Greg G