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Grantville Ride, Sunday 27 November 2022

Submitted by John_Cook on Wed, 30/11/2022 - 7:24pm

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Over a dozen people were silly enough to join me on Sunday for the ride from Lilydale through South Gippsland to Grantville and the weather generally behaved.
New member John joined us on his Harley and was made welcome by all.  Tez and Shamus formed a father and son team and again we had a great variety of both people and bikes. 
Once greetings and briefings were done, we headed off out the Warburton Highway to Wandin and then used a variety of backroads to Nangana and enjoyed an almost traffic free run to Cockatoo and we then had a bit more traffic down to Pakenham, but happily it flowed well.  The it was east along the old highway to Nar Nar Goon and the old highway to Garfield where we were met by Alf of South Gippsland and Reece (of many branches).
John and Barry also joined us at Garfield and we stopped for a rest break, cuppa and chat.  There was also an amazing variety of vehicles in town for us to check out. 
We then rode south, turned onto Bunyip River Road and explored some open farmland and river flats past Cora Lynn, Bayles and back to Athlone where we happened to pass a country fair which included a stationary steam engine or similar.  We continued on south through Loch and took a short break at a lookout point just south of Loch
and then enjoyed riding some more of the lovely roads and views of South Gippsland before descending to Grantville from Ryanston.  The wind was certainly whipping up the water as we passed Candowie Reservoir.  We took a relaxed lunch break at two cafés in town and then checked out a rather brown looking Westernport Bay (result of recent flooding)
before hitting the Bass Highway back towards Melbourne before we all peeled off at various points.  Samuel stayed with me while we climbed up into the Dandenongs and checked out some very tall trees in Sherbrooke before finally parting ways near Boronia.
Many thanks to all who came along and especially to Pat for doing TEC duty.
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John Cook