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Greg G (Sailbad The Sinner)'s Officer to (Almost) San Remo 19 01 2020

Submitted by Sailbad The Sin... on Sun, 19/01/2020 - 7:29pm

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Ulysses Melbourne Branch - Ride Report
Sailbad The Sinner’s Officer to San Remo (Well, almost….) 19 Jan 2020


Greg (Ride Leader) – BMW S1000XR
Pat Ryan (Tail End Charlie) – Triumph Explorer 1200XCA
Brian - BMW R1200GS
Jeff – BMW R1250 GSA
Alf – Kawasaki Versys 1000
Dennis – Ducati Monster
Tez – Moto Guzzi Sport
Colin – BMW R 1250 GSA
Jack – BMW R 1250 GSA
Les – Yamaha FJR1300
Steve – Honda Goldwing (good to see it back)
Greg – Triumph Tiger
Vince – V Strom
Libby – Triumph Bonneville
Megan – Yamaha R3??? (sorry Megan – I’ll look next time…)
The Plan:
It was a great, if smoke haze affected day – warm, sunny (for the most) and with a light breeze that became more apparent up high.  The idea had been to do the Loch high country from north to south, avoid the roadworks north of Wonthaggi, hit the Inverloch to Cape Paterson scenic route, and visit a mammoth custom car and bike show at San Remo!!  Greg’s recce ride the day before confirmed our worst fears – on the day, there were more people in little San Remo than in the entire 3000 postcode …..  So it was that the 15 intrepid adventurers opted for a Wonthaggi finish!!
The Ride:
It is difficult to get from Officer to Drouin South totally boredom free.  We looped up Officer Road, across to Toomuc Valley and to Nar Nar Goon via Pakenham.  Out to Longwarry and down towards Athlone, then diverting towards Drouin South, before turning south.  A cut across the Invermay East Road was good, followed by a loop down to Loch.  The last 2km into Loch are the best part of thec ride…..
Morning tea went down so well, a few opted to pull the pin at that stage.  The remaining 10 headed down to Inverloch via the Anderson Road, plus a couple of diversions to enable us to see the view from the top!!  Even in the haze, the views are great, and those olden day roadmakers didn’t know to make roads go straight!!  Bless their souls!!
We struck about 3km of highly tolerable roadworks before the spirited run to Inverloch, across to Ullathorne’s Road then down past the RACV Resort and around the scenic Bass Coast Road to Cape Paterson and to lunch in Wonthaggi.
From there, we split off to our various lunch preferences.  All in all, a great if hazy ride!!
The Ride Home:
People moved off for what is often a fairly boring ride home!!  Prez Brian Lacey and I knew better!! "Lets head back towards Loch!! What could possibly go wrong?" Very loose gravel on a dirt road for 5 or 6 km - that's what could go wrong! For a lot of it. it's either called "traction? What's that?" or "Geez I'm sideways a lot....." or “Wow, I’m airborne a lot…”!!
We actually headed north from the Dalyston Pub up towards Archie’s Creek and across to Glen Forbes.  But that would have ended way too soon, so we went right at the Glen Forbes Pub.  From here, my understanding was along the lines of Brian thinking “If I just keep turning right, good things will happen”.  And they did – this was John Cook on steroids!!  Great roads with a lot of very tight bends…..  Until we took that ONE right turn too many…….  In fairness to Brian, whilst there was a lot of loose pea gravel in places and ruts that would put the East West Tunnel to shame, it was an engaging, fun and VERY picturesque ride (even the steep gravelly descent saying “no caravans, trucks MUST use low gear”).  That, I think, is motorcycle speak for “use the back brake”!!
YIPPEE - what a great set of roads!! (Expect to see some in a Greg ride soon....) Brian for Prime Minister!!  We plied the freeway home (before the rain and hail) and got back about (for me) 4 pm or thereabouts, so not even slightly in “brownie point deficit” territory.  I’m typing this while the roast pork cooks on the Weber Q – and the rain tumbles down…..
Wow – just wow!!
Maybe a shout out to Vince Green who rode from Mernda to Officer just to participate!!  Thanks to Pat Ryan as Tail End Charlie, and all who came along!!  Thanks to Brian for the inspired ride home!!
Next weekend is the long weekend – please try to make the Tallangatta Ride.  Those communities can use our patronage!!  Hope to see you there – at this late stage, contact John Cook if you can make it.
Sailbad The Sinner (aka Greg G)