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Impromptu mid week ride to Mt Donna Buang

Submitted by John_Cook on Thu, 29/12/2022 - 3:52pm

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I was very happy to see Les Bennett, the branch archivist from back in the 80s waiting at Lilydale to join the ride when I arrived this morning. 
As a contrast we also had brand new member Doug along for his second ride with us and it was great to see so many people out to join a ride which had been posted at very short notice.
Who knew that cool and cloudy (for Melbourne) translated to quite cold and foggy atop Mount Donna Buang!?
The views were non existent today!
And after returning to Woori Yallock for some warming nourishment the bakery was in fact closed for the Christmas break as I had suspected!
Oh well, while all plans don’t work out.
While it was quite a short ride, we did get to explore some of the Yarra Valley and orchard areas and generally had a traffic free run while on the back roads.  As expected, it was busy going through Warburton compounded by a land slip which had reduced the road to one lane with traffic control.  As we ascended the hill. We encountered more roadworks, then the roads got wet and we disappeared into cloud and fog!
The planned “cuppa break” was cut short as it certainly wasn’t perfect picnic weather.
We then descended to Warburton, regrouped and rode back to Launching Place where we once again diverted off the highway and took a back road to Woori Yallock where we stopped for lunch only to discover the bakery wasn’t open.  That wasn’t a major surprise and we got around it and had a break while exchanging more disgraceful lies before heading off home.  Steve then informed me that he needed to check an address in Ferny Creek so of course I was “forced” to take more back roads in the Dandenongs before we parted company in Olinda which is quite close to home for me.      
  I’d like to thank all who came along to make it an enjoyable ride to see the year out and a special nod to Brian Quintal who readily took on Tail End Charlie Duty.     
More photos are available                        but I believe they don't work on smart phones.