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Kalkallo to Bacchus Marsh

Submitted by rogerfoot1 on Sun, 11/08/2019 - 3:51pm

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With a week of true winter weather and near-record snowfalls this ride was always going to separate the men from the boys, or should that read the sheep from the goats?  The day dawned with photos sent from friends in the Woodend and Kyneton districts, the planned route for the ride, showing snow on their paddocks. So it was on with the thermals and suit liners and off to see if anyone was silly enough to come along!
It was 5 degrees at Kalkallo and in the event there were 2 takers, Big Dave and recently joined member John Francis. We discussed simply going home but posting a ride report of valiant derring-do, but in the event decided on a truncated single-leg ride from Kalkallo to Bacchus Marsh with a revised route staying south of the Macedon Ranges.
Our new route incorporated Sunbury, Riddells Creek and then on to Gisborne where we were greeted with snow on the cars and gardens. A quick blast down the Calder lost us some altitude and we turned right at Couangalt Rd, and hence via Toolern Vale to Bacchus Marsh. The temperature remained chilly throughout but we enjoyed bursts of sunshine along with a little rain.

After a leisurely early lunch Dave decided to nose around Bacchus Marsh while John and I hit the Western Hwy for a quick ride home which was mostly sunny with dry roads. Thanks to Dave and John for making the effort, and John for the photo. I will reschedule the original ride to a date later in the year.


Well, I was a chicken today blush   Oh Dear crying   Did get a fair bit done around home though angel  Well done you brave lot cool

Roger - the first quality of a fashion model is being photogenic!!  Several people have made favourable comments of your pic in John's Seymour Ride Gallery - it can't be my photographic skills......
Also, I suspect you asked John how well his cricket team is going (with John originating in Great Britain) - my partner Sally is a Pom and on so many occasions, I've rubbed her nose in England's sporting shortfalls, only to dine on copious quantities of humble pie on the next occasion!!  I trust you were humble in victory....
By the way, Sal has a perfect comeback - whether we triumphed (pun intended) or not, Sal's response was always going to be "Yay we won!!" Hmmmm...



Sailbad The Sinner
(Greg Gleason)