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Kalkallo to Malmsbury

Submitted by rogerfoot1 on Sun, 28/08/2022 - 8:34pm

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This ride started life as Greg Gleason's Kalkallo to Kyneton, but ended as my Kalkallo to Malmsbury, and we started with 14 bikes and ended with 12!
We were joined by Anthony and Graham who usually ride with Whittlesea branch, and Nick who volunteered for TEC duties. Other riders were Vince Green, Big Dave, Steve Bailes, John Markham, Terry, Seamus and Denis, Stewart Tepe, Gaz and Rob. 
The weather was fine but with threatening clouds in the distance as we headed up Donnybrook Rd and the Wandong Rd to Eden Park.
Sadly Nick sustained a puncture at this early stage of the ride, but by the time Graham, who was the next corner marker, retraced his route to investigate, Nick had already plugged the tyre. However he elected to retire from the ride and passed the vest to Graham who officiated for the remainder of the ride. We took the Wallan-Romsey route and at Romsey the early riders learnt of Nick's misfortune once the main group arrived, and then on to Lancefield for morning tea with Anthony heading for home from there.
We made good time on the Burke and Wills track to Mia Mia but needed to be on guard for the many potholes. Then to Redesdale, Sutton Grange and the top of Mt Alexander with a number of seasoned riders commenting that there were some unfamiliar roads in the mix. We admired the fabulous view but although the weather was fine and relatively mild the vista was a little misty on this occasion. After descending the other side of the hill we rode to Harcourt for a fuel stop, then took the old Calder Hwy to Malmsbury for lunch.
Edit by JC.  Photo courtesy of Big Dave cool
The place was really buzzing with a selection of MG A's and B's in the carpark, and later some classic VW's arrived.
Thanks to all who came along to make for a successful ride, and especially Nick and Graham, and we look forward to Greg taking us the "proper way" another day.


Thanks Roger
I doubt the yacht club really needed me but however......  "The Proper Way"?  It sounds to me like you improved the ride no end!! I think I need relegation to the "non ride leaders" group at some future point.........  Well done in turning my ride into something better.
Sailbad The Sinner



Sailbad The Sinner
(Greg Gleason)