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Kilmore Adventure Ride 9 February 2020

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 09/02/2020 - 5:35pm

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A nice size and variety of people (and bikes) turned up at Lilydale to enjoy Colin’s second effort at ride leading.  On arrival I saw many of the usual suspects plus some faces I hadn’t seen for a while - great.   In addition to the seemingly ever growing BMW representation we also had a couple of FJRs plus a Valkyrie and a Victory to provide significant contrast.  Departure time rolled around all too quickly and briefings were minimised as we all knew the procedures.  Fortunately, I did hear the bit about meeting at Whittlesea for morning tea whereas another may not have! wink
Unplanned challenges seem to be a new feature of Melbourne branch rides recently;

  • a couple of weeks ago I got to demonstrate an unplanned “feet up” U turn on a narrow country road when I missed a small sign;
  • last week fellow committee member, Mike failed to observe the normal rule of avoiding gravel roads
  • What chance did poor Colin have?? 

I headed out in advance to take some photos of the group riding out of Yarra Glen.
After taking the photos, I found the perfect spot (for photos) a kilometre further on – Doh!! 
A communication glitch between Samuel and me resulted in me never quite finding the group again before I reached Whittlesea – first!  I rode on through Christmas Hills in relatively light traffic to Kangaroo Ground.  The road and scenery were great and if you’re going to follow two cars, what could be nicer than following the delightful sounds of a Ferrari (red of course) and a Cobra (striped of course) rolling along at the speed limit?    I rode more lovely undulating roads to Panton Hill before enjoying a lovely ride through the bush and hills on very narrow (and happily leaf litter and traffic free) roads via Cottles Bridge and Arthurs Creek to Whittlesea.  I then rang Colin and discovered he was still on his way, so I got to take some more photos as the group arrive in Whittlesea.
 Some banter and chiding occurred during the refreshment break and it transpired that a turn had been missed and some unsealed road was explored during the ride.  All ended well apart from lots of dust on the rims of previously clean bikes.   We managed to contact the missing Julian, who was having morning tea in Kinglake!  We agreed to meet him again in Kilmore for lunch and that did go to plan.   
From there we rode north and crossed over to Wallan and then west to Romsey.   I did enjoy that open road with its sweeping views across gorges and valleys. 
I did not enjoy seeing the speed camera as we rolled into Romsey.  Then it was north again to Lancefield and back east into Kilmore where we all thoroughly enjoyed some camaraderie at a table at the rear of the bakery.  
Colin – Many thanks for making the effort and providing us all with another thoroughly enjoyable day.  Well done.    Samuel – Thanks for doing Tail End duties and thanks to all who came along as it is this participation which makes these things such fun. 
A substantial group then headed off home together.   Ian and I decided to ride together on our way to the outer east of Melbourne before parting company at Warrandyte.  Put simply we had a very pleasant ride home via Wandong, Yan Yean, Nutfield and Wattle Glen with minimal traffic angst.   On arrival at Warrandyte I was again struck by how fortunate we are with the choice of scenery and roads around Melbourne.  The view of people bathing in the Yarra as I crossed the bridge
followed by the number of people paddling in canoes was again delightful.  Then I had to endure passing several vineyards before arriving home at the foot of Mt Dandenong.
I had a great day.  Cheers.  John Cook    

The photos are here: 


There was a sign at the beginning of the unsealed section: "Fire Trail, 4WD only" - bit of a giveaway really !!
All good fun, everyone got through OK.