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Kilmore Ride 4th April 2021

Submitted by John_Cook on Mon, 05/04/2021 - 3:26pm

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It was a “long” weekend, the weather was even warmer than predicted so it was great to see a really good number of people turn up at Lilydale to enjoy Colin’s ride to Kilmore. 
The weather and scenery were beautiful as we crossed from Yarra Glen to Healesville, and I had a great run (no traffic) on the road up to Toolangi from Chum Creek while simply enjoying the road.   There were some brilliant green fields around Toolangi and later I was “sobered” by the sight of all the dead trees on the ridge above the Wallaby Creek Catchment beyond Kinglake West which had been destroyed by the Black Saturday Fires a dozen years earlier.  I quite enjoyed simply following smooth lines on the descent into Whittlesea despite some mild frustration with the speed limit which was also reduced a dozen years ago.  The road, lines and views still make it an enjoyable ride.  Shady spots were welcome on our arrival and we were joined by some more riders from our northern environs to expand the group size.  It was also great to have Harry come and meet with us, despite not riding at the moment, and this was another example of Ulyssean camaraderie. 
We took a long and leisurely break before Colin led us north again through Wallan and across more open country to Romsey with nice open roads and views. 
Then it was north to Lancefield and back to Kilmore where we stopped for lunch.  Some of the old buildings on arrival in Kilmore are impressive indeed. 
Lunch was over all too quickly and family arrangements meant I had to get moving.  Stewart and I bid the others farewell and had an enjoyable a relatively traffic free ride home via Wandong and Yan Yean and some nice little roads around Panton Hills to Warrandyte
where we bid each other farewell.

Colin – Many thanks for a great ride.  Samuel – many thanks for your patience and doing TEC duties again and thanks to all who came along.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day.          

Some photos have been added here: