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Lal Lal Falls Re-enactment Ride 12 1 20

Submitted by Sailbad The Sin... on Mon, 13/01/2020 - 10:37am

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Ulysses Melbourne Branch
Ride Report – President’s Lal Lal Falls 1984 Re-enactment Ride 12th Jan 2020

Brian - BMW R1200GS (Leader)                                                 Bill - Suzuki V Strom (Tail End Charlie)
John C - Honda ST1300 (Photos & return ride leader)       Greg - Suzuki Hayabusa (Photos)              
Colin - BMW R1250GSA (Return Trip TEC)                              John M - Triumph Sprint
Reece - Yamaha Niken                                                                   Steve – Honda Gold Wing
Jeff – BMW R1250 GSA                                                                  Carlo & Dorrit – BMW K1200GT
Shamus – Ducati Panigale                                                             Dennis – Ducati Monster
Rick – Triumph Tiger                                                                       Stewart – Honda Valkyrie
Mike – BMW R1200 RS                                                                  Samuel – BMW R1250GSA
Julian – Victory                                                                                  Pat – Triumph XCA
Andrew – Tracer GT       
Back in 1984, our branch founders ran a ride to Korumburra to gauge interest in forming the Melbourne Branch.  It was a success so the newly formed Branch ran its first official ride to Lal Lal Falls.  When this was unearthed in past records of the Branch, a re-enactment ride was proposed – having visited the area in his university days, Brian (the Prez) took up the challenge to lead the re-enactment ride.
The Ride:
An interesting take on Ardeer to Meredith for morning tea had a few checking their bearings!!  The second half was even more fun – through Elaine ad the wind farms on a roundabout route that stretched the 25km from Meredith to Lal Lal Falls by almost another 75km!!  Some great roads, some sights and geography we don’t often see and some bumpy surfaces that made it a challenge to stay connected to the saddle!!
We called at the Falls to find no water cascading, despite some rain during the preceding week, but a picturesque and popular spot – particularly popular with about 2 million bush flies!!  After an inspection from the lookout, we mounted up, with many lunching at the Lal Lal Falls Hotel and the remainder heading homewards.  Two weeks in a row, the food was excellent and the owners are a very nice couple.  Someone has already suggested making the ride an annual event, which I personally think is a great idea.
The Ride Home:
After lunch, John Cook led us home and backtracked many of the morning’s excellent roads – I for one have not traversed the Brisbane Ranges road back to Anakie eastbound and the views are stunning!!  With waves and horn toots, we progressively peeled off the freeway to make our way home – all in all, a great ride and a great celebration of our branch founding predecessors!!
Thanks to Brian (ride leader), Bill (TEC), John (pics and homeward bound leader) and Colin (homeward bound TEC).  Next week, a pelican feeding extravaganza awaits our interest with Greg G’s Officer to San Remo ride!!
Sailbad The Sinner
Edited by John Cook  wink 
The picture gallery is here:  enlightened

I have added about 20 photos to the Ride Album - I have loaded 3 videos on my You Tube Channel and I'll post the videos on the Facebook Page!!  Sailbad (Greg)


Put simply I thoroughly enjoyed myself smiley   I will mention a couple of embarrassing moments though blush
My bike looked a bit forlorn yesterday morning after being left outdoors while our home was being used as a refuge centre for some relatives from the country.surprise  Fortunately it was still quite grubby from the previous weekend's ride  wink
I failed Communication and Navigation yet again.  blush  I spoke to Brian about a certain errand of nature before leaving Meredith and when I came out the group was gone!  I did remember an arm waving reference (by Brian) indicating a loop to the north so I set off in that general direction.  I found myself in Elaine (alone) and stopped to ring Brian.  Lo and behold, the group found me surpriselaugh.  Later on the on the ride back to Melbourne I stopped to check my disintegrating paper map to check the route around the north of the You Yangs.  It took time finding the right torn page blush and Rick indicated he had the route in his GPS.  We set of with Rick leading (I thought) but clearly communication had failed again crying Fortunately we found our way onto the Geelong Road via Little River and made our respective ways home.  I do hate that Geelong Road!!angrynoBack on the good points laughwink I loved the back country roads and valleys - gorges we explored between Elaine and Lal Lal.  Great route selection Brian  yes  Thanks to everyone who came along and great to see Dorrit out on the bike with Carlo.
And in relation to Greg's comment.  Why wouldn't we make Lal Lal an annual destination at least? 

Ha ha John - I had no idea all this had transpired!!  Just made a great ride even more fun!!

I did Lal Lal twice in 2 weeks!!  And awarded one valley (I'd never been to before) the "Valley Of The Year" Award!!  Backing up Sunday was no chore at all!!

It's a great destination that will look different from year to year!  Plus, after 7 0r 8 years, I'll remember the #^&&**%  $@$% Aerogard!!  Seriously, let's make it "the annual re-enactment ride" or the "annual founders' ride".  When?  Spring or Autumn when there's a cataract?  Personally, I don't care - as long as we keep recognising the weekly benefits we derive from the decisions of past generations.  I could be Topol singing "Tradition - tradition!!"  Ha ha.

And John - I'm with you.....  A curse on Geelong Road!!  May its bitumen turn to marijuhana and be stolen by generations of teenage SW suburban residents till the next solstice......

Another "true believer" (Pat Ryan) had to scarper early - which way did you head home Pat?



Sailbad The Sinner
(Greg Gleason)