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Midweek ride to Marysville 31 March 2021

Submitted by John_Cook on Wed, 31/03/2021 - 7:26pm

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I had this cunning plan to ride the Reefton and Black Spurs mid week to avoid weekend traffic problems and even did some reconnaissance 5 weeks ago.
Then Vic Roads closed the road at Reefton for repairs until tonight!  At least Richard warned me in advance so plans changed.
Many thanks to those who joined me at Lilydale;  Andrew, Jack, Jeff, John T, Nigel (first ride with us) and Richard plus Pat who did TEC duty.
There was a really good mix of bikes including BMW(2), Honda (2) Kawasaki (1) Triumph (1) and Yamaha (2). 
Mike almost joined us on his Yamaha too but electrical gremlins at Ringwood had him decide to go home.  Not to be put off it is rumoured he then mounted his BMW, forgot his phone and rode to Marysville only to miss us by a few minutes!    Does that sort of make 9 people and 10 bikes?
Anyway back to the tale.  
We headed east on the Maroondah Highway and turned off after going under the rail trail bridge and followed back roads through Mount Evelyn and then on through farm and orchard country through Yellingbo and Woori Yallock to The Warburton Highway where we enjoyed a coffee break at the Gladysdale Bakehouse.   As chance had it Melbourne member Stefan called in on his club plated BMW with a friend and it was good to catch up.
From there we road a bit further east and doubled back along Settlement Road past the Upper Yarra RSL and then cut through Don Valley and made our way towards Healesville.  Traffic was generally light and riding conditions basically perfect. 
As we approached Healesville, I decided to turn right early and pass the sanctuary and thus avoid the nasty right turn onto  the Maroondah Hwy.   That part worked and everyone has promised not to mention the two U turns I did when I missed one sign and forgot to turn were there was no sign.  Healesville (all of it) was lovely though. wink
We regrouped before heading up the Black Spur and had a fantastic run with zero traffic for quite a while until just before Dom Dom Saddle so I decided to take a break there. 
We then rode on and arrived in Marysville just on noon and we had a "picnic" lunch in the lovely park in town. 
Once refreshed we rode off and I was quite impressed by the tall trees (poplars?) on the road towards Buxton.  We then followed the highway to Acheron where we turned off and used Breakaway Road to get to Alexandra.  From there we rode the Whanregarwen Road back to Molesworth and on to Yea.  We continued to be blessed with light traffic and took the diversion  via Murrindindi to Glenburn and we struck some road work delay at the Kinglake turn off at the top of the mountain.  From there we turned of again and came back via Toolangi, Chum Creek and Yarra Glen. 
This retirement gig enabling mid week rides is far from being all bad wink I had a ball and again thanks to all who came along.
The twin spurs mid week ride still awaits once I can have circumstances align  enlightened    
More photos are here