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Mike's Ardeer Trentham Ride 7 07 19

Submitted by Sailbad The Sin... on Sun, 07/07/2019 - 8:11pm

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Ride report follows:
Ulysses Club Melbourne Branch
Ride Report
Mike’s Ardeer to Trentham Ride 7 07 2019
1. Present:
Mike Fittall (Leader) – BMW R1200RS                                                      Brian Lacey (TEC) - BMW R1200 GS
Greg Gleason (Photos/Reporter) - Triumph Thruxton R                    Jeff - BMW R1200 Rallye X
Colin - BMW  R1250 GSA                              Jack Fei - BMW R1200 GSA          Les - FJR 1300
Libby -Triumph Bonneville SE                      Big Dave - Buell                 Bill – V Strom
Steve – Goldwing                                             Pat – Triumph Explorer XC

2. Apologies:
Roger Foot (see notes below under heading “Saturday”).
3.The Ride:
What a great ride – from Ardeer, we went off in search of the great western paradise – and found it!!  Out past Eyensbury, and through Balliang, Staunton Vale and Mount Anakie.  The Brisbane Ranges never looked better, even if a few pesky slow cars upset the rhythm.  Up to Ballan for morning tea (see heading “Food”) and a welcome opportunity to chat amongst ourselves and unsuccessfully attempt to goad Roger (gardening with my son) Foot into some quick repartee on Facebook!!
With Roger up to his ears in retaining wall sleepers, and us basking in 18 degree Ballan, we could do little but envy his gardening day of fun.  It was a poor consolation, but the run through Koorweingeboora (like Weeaproina, it is one of Vicco’s wettest areas and just as hard to spell) was quick, dry and immensely enjoyable!!  All too soon, we flashed (not literally) through Lyonville and Trentham was upon us.  God save the Red Beard Bakery (see “Food”).
4. The Food:
Mike is always on the money – a surreptitious bakery tour!!  The Ballan Bakery is always great, but the Red Beard at Trentham will live in my memory, long after I’m gone (probably gone as a result of a pastry and long black coffee induced coronary occlusion!!)
5. Appreciation:
As always, hats off to Mike – great roads, plus he has the weather on a string!!  A great ride….  Thanks Brian Lacey who took on TEC duties!!
6. Saturday:
The day before, one of Ulysses Melbourne’s nicest, Stewart Tepe, tried out a BMW K1300 S Motorsport – the property of one Gregory Charles Gleason!!  So - could he just borrow it to see how it goes?  NO!!  Off he went, with Greg on his Thruxton R, Roger on his BMW K1300 S, and Greg’s son Peter on the Hire Bus!!  With the soft tones of “but I just wanted to go off and try it out……”  still ringing in our ears, away we went!! 
The freeway to Berwick, the enchanting corners of the Upper Beaconsfield Road, the sheer challenge of the full length of the Paternoster Road, then Cockatoo and Gembrook!!  At Spencer’s Stores, Greg has his own table “Hi Greg – your usual?”  How embarrassing…..  Roger gave Greg’s Thruxton R a bit of exercise (on Paternoster - the best small bike road in town) and we all enjoyed Greg on his 4th long black for the day… (“honestly, Sal, just one, truly, ask my son…..”).  But it doesn’t end there – the Upper Pakenham Road is its own reward!!  And thence the freeway home!
What a day…….
Footnote – says Roger – “just in case I make it along Sunday, Greg – bring the Thruxton R!!  We might swap.....”  Roger didn’t make it – what a tragedy!!  I love that Triumph, aka “Tommy the Pommy”!!  What a blast....  Thanks again Mike for a great ride
7. Next Week:
Curry fans, rejoice!!  Next week, Greg leads his annual pilgrimage to a cheap and cheerful curry house in Belgrave!!  Don’t like curry?  Never fear – the Laksa’s are awesome!!  And the Powelltown Road makes anything worthwhile...
See you Sunday!!
Greg G

Photos are here.....


Thanks for weaving me into the commentary Greg, I was there in spirit !  Part of our gardening day involved a visit to The Digger's Club ( Garden of St Erth) at Blackwood, and just north of Greendale on the Trentham road we encountered Colin I think, could have been Mike (very much in the lead), then Jack and Sam coming the other way! 

Thanks all for another great day's riding and camaraderie, awesome ride , the mt01 needs a bigger tank or slightly better throttle use hahaha, cheers all Bigdave