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Mirboo North Ride 17 January 2021

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 17/01/2021 - 8:22pm

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After some of my mistakes today (finger over the lens / arriving on an under inflated tyre, taking a wrong turn on the way home  etc etc) I was been given the job of writing the ride report. 
I had a great day out with fellow Ulysseans, but I admit the day had some quirks.
The weather (apart from strong wind gusts) was pretty much perfect for riding, yet it was raining when I got up.   Even as I rode to Officer, I encountered wet roads and road spray, so I was glad I hadn’t bothered to wash the bike after its last outing.   On arrival it was dry, and it was great to see a large group of members ready to enjoy the day’s riding.   I was then embarrassed to be told that I’d forgotten to check my rear tyre pressure recently.  Oh Dear!   That was attended to, briefings and greetings were completed, and we rode off with Mike leading and Ian doing Tail End duties.   The ride started with a bit of a “transport” run down to Koo Wee Rup and after that the fun really began.
The ride from Lang Lang along McDonalds Track to Poowong whet our appetites as we enjoyed the views and winding roads.  Then it was south along the tight and at times challenging Bass Valley Road before following the Highway into Korumburra for out morning tea break.  At Korumburra we met up with Alf and Renate plus John Taylor who had made his own way down from the bay.  Roger and Pat then bid us farewell and Mike led the rest of us back up the wonderfully scenic road towards Warragul before turning right and leading us along some great sealed roads through places such as Seaview and along the Grand Ridge Road to Mirboo North where we all stopped for lunch.
After a relaxed lunch and some banter, it was time to go home and Brian and Ian decided to join me.  We rode the normal way via Thorpdale p to Trafalgar and I was truly dismayed to see that the speed limit through the delightful series of bends north of Mirboo North had been reduced to 80KPH.  Still a lovely road though.  After that I confirmed my alias “Wrong Way John”.   A few days earlier on the way home from Sale I had absentmindedly missed the turn off at Nilma and was determined not to make that mistake again.  I didn’t, I turned off at Darnum instead (too early) and we got to discover some roads I had not previously ridden near Shady Creek before finally stopping at Neerim South to bid farewell to Brian, who headed home via Jingellic.  Ian and I rode on home through the mountains via Powelltown and finally split off in different direction to home after we passed through Seville.
I’m not doing a full list of all the participants, but it was a good number and I enjoyed the day thoroughly.
Thanks Mike for organising and leading a well planned ride.

Some photos are here :