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Pat Ryan's Version of Rick Ryken's Walhalla Ride 23 09 18

Submitted by Greg G on Sun, 23/09/2018 - 9:28pm

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Ride report follows:

Ulysses Club Melbourne Branch

Ride Report – 23 09 18

Pat Ryan’s Version of Rick Ryken’s Walhalla Ride.


Pat Ryan (Leader) Triumph Explorer 1200 (and a defeated “Tigers tragic” sad face)

Holly Fields (V Strom) TEC                                             Steve Bailes (Goldwing with no GPS)

Alf & Renata Dennemoser (Versys 1000)                Greg Rees (Triumph Explorer)

John Taylor (Moto Guzzi Cruiser)                               Les Cox (Y’m’hu FJR 1200 - NZ model)                    

Andrew Kennedy (Honda Deauville)                        Tez Haighney (Moto Guzzi Sports 850)                    

Dennis Alessi (Ducati Monster)                                  2 W/Gippsland members who came along with Alf – welcome guys!! 


Greg Gleason (BMW K1300 S Motorsport) – photographer and reporter at large.


The Ride:

Pat Ryan led the ride (using Rick Ryken’s gpx file) as Rick was bikeless temporarily.

OK – it started badly.  Amid the upheaval of home reno’s Greg couldn’t find his Go Pro, so no “on road” action shots!!  But 14 of us got away at Officer heading north through the backblocks to the Pakenham Road then back down Army Road and off to the east down Jackson’s Trak.  Then to Labertouche, Jindivik, Neerim South, Noojee for morning tea and Fumina South, with views to take your breath away.  Tanjil Bren was as pretty as always, and we crossed through Rawson en route to Walhalla through a sequence of fast curves and slow curves – motorcycle paradise!!

We lunched at Walhalla in the shade (almost everything in Walhalla in in the shade).  Rumour has it that early last century, the Walhalla First 11 knocked off the visiting English Ashes Tour cricket side.  The locals camped up on the oval overnight – the Poms had to literally climb a mountain next morning before the game – no surprise who won!! (BTW I have sent this as a suggestion to the Aussie Cricket Team…..)

On the way home, Rick had given Pat the gpx file for a nice ride home that limited both the boredom and danger of a bike on a freeway.  We went Old Sale Road to Buln Buln and across to Drouin West for the cliffhanger freeway ride home.


The Amusing Bits:

Sadly, Rick’s ride(s) was/were great – pity he could not be there.  It became even more critical around Neerim East when Rick’s gpx file told Pat’s GPS “wrong way, Rocky!!”  We all pulled up, Pat was sceptical about the veracity of his on screen prompts (where’s Charlton Heston when you need him?), and Andrew knew the way, so off we went again.  In all of this, Steve Bailes’ GPS was useless…..  You need a new Gold Wing Steve…..

Les Cox needed coffee so bad at morning tea, he lost one and had to order another.  To add insult to injury, it was a long black – hot enough to delay our departure significantly.  However, by the look on Les’ face, it was worth the wait!!

Forget all you hear about wind farms killing off the Orange Breasted Lorikeet – Pat’s Explorer did a fine job in their absence….

Finally, is there any truth in two rumours?  First, did Greg and his son Peter go off riding the Kirth Kiln roads on Saturday so they didn’t have to gloat about Collingwood’s win at the coffee morning?  Secondly, did Pat “Tiger” Ryan, ride his scooter to the coffee morning, expecting Greg to be there?  Apparently his bike is a Triumph “Tiger”………….



Thanks to Rick Ryken for his scoping of 2 excellent back to back rides.  Thanks Pat “like the Tigers of old, we’re…. oh never mind”” Ryan for leading the ride in Rick’s absence, thanks Holly Fields for your great work as Tail End Charlie, and thanks to roving reporter Greg Gleason who a) wrote up the ride report and b) didn’t gloat much at all about the Pies Richmond game!!

Finally, thanks to the 14 who attended and did a damn good job of demonstrating why the Ulysses Club has so much to offer!!  See you next week…..

There is a photo gallery on the website too,m meaning others can add pictures.  Steve Bailes – your group shots maybe?


Greg G



Glad you enjoyed the ride. I wish I could have made it, but the Tiger had a slide down the road just over a week ago and not sure if being written off or repaired so will be without a big bike for a while.